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Helius Designs Alexia Turntable & Omega Tone arm

Chief Designer and rocket scientist Geoffrey Owen founded Helius Designs when he noticed that tonearms were a forgotten component within the hi-fi chain. This surprised him especially because it had been well established how much turntables influenced sound quality.

Helius Designs brings years of advanced technological engineering research and development to their elegant tonearms that sound as beautiful as they look. 

The Helius Designs Alexia breaks the shackles of traditional design conventions.

From the optically encoded drive that references itself against the actual speed of the platter, to the unique double wishbone suspension  that affords the stylus a stable yet highly protected environment that isolates it  from the external world, the Alexia does many things so very new.

At last, you have a product that considers the finer points of setting up; from its horizontal levelling to the single-screw easy adjustment of the suspension….From the vexed question of dressing the tonearm cables to that of universal armboards that facilitate the easy  upgrade from one arm to another….the Alexia does it all.

Moreover, it succeeds in doing these things in an aesthetic  package that exhibits the standards of design finesse our customers have come to expect from Helius.  

Available exclusively for your listening pleasure at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Pegaso Audio P50A Tube Integrated Amplifier

Pegaso is a young brand born only in 2017, but with a wealth of decades of experience.

AF Group SRL, a dynamic company that owns and produces the prestigious Audio Analogue brand, has decided to use the know-how acquired in the design, production and marketing of solid state electronics, to start, also thanks to the collaboration with designers specialized in the creation of tube electronics, a new chapter in its history, testing itself in a new difficult challenge, keeping the goal of proposing reference electronics even if with a different technology than what has been achieved so far.

Available exclusively for your listening pleasure at MKoM, Toronto.

Pathos TT Anniversary Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier

The first appearance of Pathos on the hi-fi scene did not go unnoticed: a short time after its debut, the T.T. has achieved a solid position among those very few components which contribute to writing the history of High-Fidelity.

International audio reviews welcomed the first product from Pathos with front page covers, highly enthusiastic comments and numerous prestigious awards.

When listening to music reproduced through a T.T. amplifier, everyone can experience the honest difference in terms of musicality, transparency, tonal color and absence of listening fatigue.

The reason why this difference can he consistently and immediately appreciated is because the T.T. is different. 

This difference is named INPOL®, the exclusive worldwide patented pure Class A feedback-free circuitry which has been claimed to represent the most important innovation in musical amplification of the last years.  InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare – Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

Simply put: T.T. exists for those who believe that music is food for the soul.

Available exclusively at MKoM, Toronto

Audio Analogue Bellini Anniversary Pre-Amplifier & Donizetti Anniversary Power Amplifier

The Anniversary Series Bellini Pre-Amplifier and the Donizetti Power Amplifier are both new models from Audio Analogue. Designed in the Airtech Laboratories, they are part of the Anniversary line, re-proposing more historical products of Audio Analogue. 

The Bellini / Donizetti Anniversary set have been designed and manufactured with the highest production standards, based on refined architecture & the deployment of high quality electronic components.

Both devices have been deprived of global feedback, which often introduces negative effects in the overall character of the sound. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Italian engineers, Audio Analogue have managed to reconcile this solution with low distortions. Both the Pre-Amplifier and the Power Amplifier have a symmetrical structure, which not only reduces distortion, but also helps to cope with noise degrading the audio signal. The production takes place entirely in Italy. Both devices are be available in black or silver.

Exclusively available at My Kind of Music


Russell K. Red 50 Loudspeakers

Russell K is a British Company that designs and builds Precision Audio Loudspeaker Systems.  They have been totally focused on producing the most authentic and believable sound possible.  With a combined Hi-Fi industry experience of more than 50 years the Russell K team introduces loudspeaker systems designed to sound like the real thing at affordable prices.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a small stand mount sized speaker which can offer lucid natural tones and sheer enthusiasm in a realistic sense at this price point.

The Russell K Red 50 is such a compliment to Russell Kauffman’s years of work in the Hifi industry and his extensive knowledge of driver selection and integration through working at with other driver design companies is reflected in the speakers’ instinctive performance.

With true transparency, a whip like responsiveness and the ability to hold the emotion of a strong vocal, the Red 50 is one of the very best small stand mount speakers that we have heard to date.

Available exclusively for audition at MKoM, Toronto

Pathos InPol Heritage Integrated Amplifier

InPol Heritage represents the incredible legacy of the late Pathos co-founder, designer and inventor of InPol, Engineer Giani Borinato.

The team of Pathos technical designers pushed themselves to the very highest level with this unprecedented project; an enormous amount of time was spent with this product, which is characterized by components of the highest quality and the customary absence of compromises.

The digital bias/gain set technology with intelligent control is entrusted to the same microprocessor which regulates the volume, thus guaranteeing the performance of the amplifier itself and its ability to drive the loudspeakers efficiently.


There is no better way to listen to music

Thanks to the (optional) HiDac Mk2 converter, music lovers who want the very best from the latest digital sources will find their demands fully met.

InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare – Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

Inpol devices have a special sonic personality obtainable only by means of this particular circuit design – fully balanced in Class A using a single solid state component in follower configuration, with high current gain and with voltage gain together. The valve amplifier amplifies the input signal voltage and InPol supplies the current to drive the loudspeakers without any further amplification. In this way the signal is entrusted to the valves and becomes a true copy of the original, with all the quality, purity and harmonic content of the original.

This technology allows an increase in the theoretical output in pure Class A of between 25% and 50% together with a low output impedance which is fundamental for the damping factor, and further improved by the double InPol.

Available for audition exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Luxman EQ-500 Reference Phono Preamplifier


The joy of analog reproduction is the indulgence of the harmonic density and tonal character of vinyl playback, faithfully reproducing sound vibration and resonance inscribed on analog records without interruption.

The EQ-500 phono equalizer amplifier is a vacuum tube design for all stages to provide the ultimate experience in the expressive and colourful reproduction of music. Fine adjustment and switching functions that are easily accessible on the elegant front panel allow you to enjoy the real pleasure of analog reproduction.
The debut of LUXMAN’s reference phono equalizer amplifier, the EQ-500, brings a new dimension that offers an extensive menu of the finest details of analog reproduction allowing you to recreate that ideal sound from your memory.
The phone equalizer amplifier plays a unique role as part of an amplification system with respect to the characteristics and delicacy of signals. Because of this uniqueness, phone equalizers have been designed using various kinds of circuit methods and elements and have captivated the interest of enthusiasts for whom the detail of the sound is paramount. The EQ-500 is equipped with the circuit technology and musical essence inherent to its predecessor, the E-06 from LUXMAN.

Available for audition at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Vertere Acoustics MG-1 Turntable

Taking vinyl replay beyond what’s possible in this turntable class, Record Player MG-1 Magic Groove includes critical design elements of the SG-1 Player.

A superlative design, Record Player MG-1 Magic Groove offers fabulous performance that’s bettered only by Vertere’s RG-1 Reference Groove and SG-1 Standard Groove. As with all Vertere turntables, every individual part is custom built, and has been created using the optimum materials and highest precision standards.

The MG-1 main bearing is directly derived from the SG‐1 utilizing exactly the same bearing spindle and ball with a phosphor bronze bearing housing machined using similar precision engineering techniques to our high standards. The materials used and manufacturing to extreme engineering tolerances make the MG-1 main bearing silent, smooth running and second only to the SG-1.

MG‐1 main bearing is lubricated with Vertere proprietary formulated L‐1G record player main bearing oil for ultimate longevity.

Directly derived from the RG-1 and SG-1 motor assembly design, the MG-1 utilizes a single precision bearing fitted to its dedicated aluminum alloy motor platform and motor bearing support.

This unique design keeps the motor continuously synchronous to provide a drive with constant belt tension. Simply put, it drives the platter at constant speed without variation.

MG‐1 platter is a one piece aluminum alloy design based on the SG‐1 platter. Only utilizing the same precision machining techniques to Vertere’s extremely high tolerances ensures the smoothest running of the platter and the required inertia that keeps speed constant.

Platter/Record interface is a 3mm bonded cast Acrylic disc as used on the SG‐1.

Available for auditioning exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 Phono Stage

This phono stage is sensational. Firstly the amount of cartridge loading settings is ridiculous. To find this many settings on a product at it’s price point is basically unheard of. The phono-1 will play almost any cartridge available.

Sound-wise it is again extremely rare to find this kind of openness and transparency on a phono stage at this price point, it is something that you would normally only get from a £5k product. The Phono-1 is a giant killer and should worry most phono stages under £5000!

With more than 10 gain settings, 15 resistance and 9 capacitance settings, PHONO-1 leaves nothing to chance. It makes the perfect match for almost any Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridge.

The Phono-1 features separate high-quality gold plated PCBs for the main phono circuit and the mains power transformer ensure that any unwanted interference is kept well away from the audio signal. These PCBs, combined with the use of high-quality components and special solder, guarantee consistent optimum performance for the long term.

Phono-1 utilizes stainless steel shields to further enhance isolation of the RIAA and preamplifier circuits. All power supply components and circuits are outside of the main cover shield and away from any signal path.

A 3-way switch provided at the back of the Phono-1 gives the options of ‘Hard Ground’, ‘Ground Lift’ or ‘Soft Ground’ connection of the preamplifier and the chassis, to minimize any hum that may be introduced between the phono stage and the main amplifier.

This product is available with an orange or silver face plate.

Available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Transfiguration Proteus Diamond

The Proteus can only be understood in musical and emotional terms; it skillfully weaves it’s spell by interpreting analogue playback with such natural resolution, scale and dimension, that it leaves you lost in the music. It eloquently performs this by revealing the subtle cues and nuances that gives the listener that magical chill of recognition so often inaudible with other cartridges.

The Proteus D triumphs at the highest level by almost disappearing and leaving it’s audience with a palpable sense of intensely communicative music. In other words – pure and simple musical enjoyment. 

Mr Seiji Yoshioka’s pioneering spirit and sustained commitment to the perfection of moving coil phono cartridges is represented by his latest and unfathomable flagship model – “THE PROTEUS D”

Available for auditioning exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.