Launching New Degritter MARK II Software 4.0

Launching New Degritter MARK II Software 4.0

The development team at Degritter via MKoM, Toronto are pleased to announce the launch a major software update for Degritter MARK II machines.

The new software will reduce the use of English language in machine menus, making it more intuitive and easy to use for people worldwide. Software will be made public for MARK II users on Monday 8th of January, 2024.

What’s new?

* Navigating the machine functions has been simplified.
* Machine’s settings are now accompanied by easy to understand pictograms. It especially simplifies the use of complicated functions like when operating the machine with two-tank rinse mode.
* Instead of programs (Quick, Medium, Heavy) users can choose between the number of full revolutions the record will be cleaned in the machine.

***Please note that this software upgrade will be exclusively available for MARK II machines***
Unfortunately due to technical reasons MARK I hardware is unable to run the new software.

The new software comes with a new user manual. If you are an owner of a MARK II machine and would like to upgrade it to the newest software, please contact us directly. We may then supply you with an SD card containing the new software and a printed version of the updated user manual.

To get an SD card and a new user manual, please feel free to contact us directly at

Warm Regards & Happy Listening,

MKoM, Toronto :D

Ortofon’s New Reference Tonearms

At last, Ortofon’s anticipated Reference Series tonearms are now available for preorder

(Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto, starting week of December 11, 2023)  

Features at a glance:

High precision bearing assembly achieves a new level of sonic performance

Improved H4 connector resists wear over time

Pivot point center hole takes the guesswork out of using 3-point alignment tools

Includes 2 counterweights, one for standard cartridges and one for extra-heavy (ie SPU)

Includes shielded high-purity copper tonearm cable (6NX-TSW1010)

Available for your listening pleasure, within the GTA, at My Kind of Music, Toronto.


Musical Fidelity – Announces return of two true HiFi classics…

First, Musical Fidelity brings back one of the most iconic hi-fi integrated amplifiers of all time.

When we think of design icons, what comes to mind are cars like the Porsche 911, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses or the Bialetti espresso pot.

In HFi, the Musical Fidelity A1 has become one of the most classic designs – inside and out. First released back in the 1988, it quickly made waves for being an absolute beast when it came down to driving some of the most difficult speakers of that time, even though it was actually a rather low powered integrated amplifier. But: it was all done in pure Class A with excellent and expertly laid out discrete symmetrical circuitry topology and using only highest quality components. The A1 showed people that there was more to amplifiers than just high power. Based on its huge success, the A1 has gone through multiple reissues and new versions over the years.

Now for 2023, for the first time since its initial release we have actually kept all specifications, the appearance and circuits of the 1990’s rendition for those who missed out the first time. With an updated transformer, power supplies and modern low noise components we’ve revitalized the formula and are proud to reintroduce the fresh original – three decades later.

ETA is scheduled for August, 2023 and available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto

In addition, Musicial Fidelity has also introduced the LS3 / 5A monitor Loudspeaker…

Not only for professional use…

The LS3/5A was originally designed for listening places where space was limited, like mobile control rooms for television. The goal was a linear frequency response down to 100Hz with an excellent sound quality.

Due to the closed type cabinet, the LS3/5A convinces with its clear and fast playback. As the speaker was designed to be used for studio applications, the mid-range is extremely detailed and realistic. The sound stage and imaging of vocals and instruments is truly extraordinary. The LS3/5A works best in a near/mid-field listening distance between two and four meters away from the listener.

Over the years, the LS3/5A became an industry standard for music studios, especially for classical recordings. It also quickly gained interest in the audiophile sector. Due to the small size, the LS3/5A is the perfect fit for small living rooms. Do not get fooled by the size: The speaker surprises with a lot of low end information. Due to the closed type design, the bass is quick and perfectly defined, compared to a bass reflex speaker.

The LS3/5A was produced by several speaker manufacturers over many decades already. The Musical Fidelity A1 was always the perfect partner with its Class A amplification. The result was an astonishing clear, detailed and warm sound stage.

Available for your listening pleasure at My Kind of Music, Toronto

Feel free to check out the introductory video of these two iconic products from the HiFi Show in Munich earlier this year.


Degritter Mark II


November 14, 2022, In November 2022, Degritter & MKoM, Toronto are very pleased to announce the   release a new version of the record cleaner called “Degritter Mark II”. The new device will replace Degritter machines currently on sale. In essence, this is a facelift to our current model and it is not to be confused with the Reference Model, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

Degritter Mark II – Product Summary

New look and feel
Stronger feedback from buttons;
The button material, the button press and the rotational clicks will now have more
feel to them. This allows easier control with more precision over the machine’s
user interface.
A new dark shade of gray;
The Mark II gray machines have a darker shade of finish compared to the
previous version.
New lighter logo color on the black variant, due to popular demand. The logo
color on Mark II machines will be creamy white.
All Mark II machines will have a small “MARK II” text underneath their logo on the
front panel.

Improved technology inside
Pumps have a new PWM controller, which allows smoother pumping action;
A redesigned ultrasonic amplifier increases reliability and includes automatic fault
detection for improved safety. The ultrasonic cleaning now has a better power
control, which automatically adjusts for load variations in the cleaning bath (7” vs.
12” record for example).

Ultrasonic pulse mode cleaning

○ The original Degritter was the first ultrasonic record cleaning machine on the
market that had frequency sweep in its ultrasonic cleaning. The Degritter Mark II
introduces pulse mode for the ultrasonic cleaning.
Pulse mode cleaning rapidly switches the ultrasonic activity on and off. This
creates a low frequency acoustic “punching” wave in the cleaning tank water
which gets rid of larger dirt faster.

Degritter Mark II launch

  • Information regarding the “Degritter Mark II” machine can be shared with the customers starting from the 14th of November.
  • The “Degritter Mark II” will be made available for purchase on the 25th of November, 2022
  • Cost of the new “Degritter Mark II” will be $3280 USD.

“Degritter Mark I” Version

  • At the moment, we have ceased taking any new orders for the “Degritter Mark I” version. All new machines sold will be designated “Degritter Mark II”.
  • All pending orders with the previous version “Degritter” machine, may be changed for the new “Degritter Mark II”
  • Starting from the 14th of November, the “Degritter Mark I” machines will be offered at the previous price of $2990 USD.
  • Degritter & MKoM will provide every unit of “Degritter Mark I” model machines in stock with a free additional water tank. The “Degritter Mark I” models will be sold together with two water tanks.
  • There is also a new software version for the previous “Degritter Mark I”machines. This software will support the use of two water tanks with one machine so that one tank has water with cleaning fluid and the second tank can be used with pure clean water for rinsing purposes. The machine will prompt the user to swap tanks.

Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaner & Accessories at MKoM

As the very first authorized partner for Degritter products in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we take great pride with our selection of specific products within our portfolio.  As such, we are pleased to announce that this highly acclaimed design is always in stock at MKoM, Toronto.  They are available in either Silver or Black finishes.  For our existing Degritter clients and in addition to the machine, we also stock spares of cleaning detergent, additional water tanks, replacement filters and 7″ & 10″ records adapters. 

Available for demonstration at My Kind of Music, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

For further information or to schedule a demonstrating of this incredibly effective Record Cleaner, please feel free to contact us directly at

Nottingham Analogue -UK & MKoM, Toronto

My Kind of Music, Toronto are pleased to announce our appointment as Canadian Importers for Nottingham Analogue Audio Products – UK. Nottingham Analogue manufacturers of some of the finest turntables, tonearms & accessories in the world.

As we establish an Authorized Dealer Network in Canada, we will publish them on our website where clients can reach out directly to their local dealer in their respective area. In the interim, please feel free to contact us directly with your requirements and we shall do our best to assist. Dealer inquiries are welcomed.

For further information of Nottingham Analogue product, kindly refer to the following link:

Nottingham Analogue Studio

Contact us at:

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