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Origin Live – UK, Hi-Fi Riff Review Sovereign S Turntable & Agile Tone arm

Pathos Acoustics – Italia, Overview

Pathos Acoustics – Italia & Origin Live – UK

First Look – Degritter MKII Ultrasonic Record Cleaner – New Software

Stereophile’s Ken Micallef reviews Luxman’s Flagship Integrated Amplifier L-509Z

Absolute Sound’s Tom Martin reviews Hegel’s H190V Integrated Streaming Amplifier c/w Phono

Absolute Sound’s Chris Martens reviews the Avid HiFi Volvere TT, Altus TA & Ionic MC cartridge

Musical Fidelity LS3/5A Monitor Loudspeakers “A BBC Icon”

Oracle Audio Delphi MKII Turntable

Origin Live’s Sovereign S Turntable c/w Agile Tone arm charms Analogue addicts

Q Acoustics QA 5040 Loudspeaker Review

Gravity One from Origin Live – UK

Luxman L-507z Integrated Amplifier

Mark Levinson 5105 Turntable

Dr. Feickert Analogue Blackbird Turntable

Apertura Audio Swing Loudspeakers

M2Tech Nash Phono Stage – Italy

Avid Hifi Ingenium Plug & Play Turntable

Vertere Acoustics MG-1 MkII, SG PTA and Mystic Phono Cartridge

Degritter Reviewed by Robert Harley / The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound Review of Hegel’s V10 Phono Stage

HiFi + Review of Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

Luxman L-595A Special Edition Integrated Amplifier

Mark Levinson No.5805 Integrated Amplifier

Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

Luxman D-10X CD/SACD Player & DAC

Hegel V10 Phono Stage

Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary Integrated Amplifier

Audio Analogue AAdac

Vertere Acoustics DG-1 Turntable

Hegel H95 Integrated Amplifier

Luxman D-03X Compact Disc Player

Luxman LX-380 Tube Integrated Amplifier

Rega Planar 10 Turntable c/w Apheta 3 Phono Cartridge

Luxman MQ-88uC Stereo Power Amplifier

Goldring Ethos Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

Pegaso Audio P50A Integrated Amplifier

Luxman D-N150 CD/DAC Player & SQ-N150 Integrated Amplifier

Origin Live Enterprise C Tone Arm

Russell K. Red 120 Loudspeakers

Lumin T2 Network Music Player

M2 Tech Nash Phono Pre & Van der Graaf MKII Power Supply

Wilson Benesch Eminence Loudspeaker

Luxman P-750u Headphone Amplifier

Luxman’s L-509X Integrated Amplifier

Luxman CL-38uC Preamplifier & MQ-88uC Power Amplifier

Russell K Red 120 Loudspeakers

Avid HiFi Acutus SP Turntable

Origin Live Sovereign Turntable

Origin Live Resolution MK4 Turntable

Luxman CL-38u Pre-amplifier & MQ-88UC Amplifier

Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated Amplifier

Hegel H590 Integrated Amplifier

Wilson Benesch Resolution Loudspeakers

Luxman L-550AXII Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier

Vertere Acoustics MG-1 Turntable, SG-1 Tone Arm & Phono-1 Phono Stage

Origin Live Resolution MK4 Turntable & Zephyr Tone Arm

Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable and A.C.T. Tone Arm

Luxman C900u Pre-Amplifier & M900u Stereo Amplifier

Wilson Benesch Square Five Loudspeakers

Wilson Benesch Circle 25 Turntable

Origin Live Resolution Turntable & Illustrious MK3C Tone Arm

Oracle Delphi MKVI Turntable

Audiomica Laboratory Thasso Consequence Interconnect Cables

Ypsilon Phaethon Integrated Amplifier

Audible Illusions L3A Line Stage – Positive Feedback

Luxman M900u Stereo Amplifier – SoundStage

Transfiguration Proteus MC Phono Cartridge – Stereophile

Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Turntable / The Absolute Sound

Transfiguration Phoenix MC Phono Cartridge – Analog Planet

Wilson Benesch Discovery Loudspeakers

Leema Elements – phono stage
Rossner and Sohn Canofer-S phono stage in Dagogo
Artemis SA-1 Turntable | Artemis SA-1 Turntable in Positive Feedback
Audiomods Rega RB250-251 Arm Conversions
HIFI Tuning Fuses – in 6 Moons | HIFI Tuning Fuses – in Stereophile
Paul Candy (6moons) on the fabulous new RPM 5 turntable (with Ortofon’s recently introduced Rondo Red low output MC cartridge)
Jason Thorpe (SoundStage) on the Pro-ject Xperience turntable
Pro-ject Xpression/Speed Box/Tube Box, July 2004, Blue Moon Award 2004
Pro-ject Xperience/Speed Box SE, April 2005
RPM 9, November 2004. Reviewer’s Choice Award 2004
Phono Stage Shootout! Rega Fono MC

EAR 912 Tube Preamplifier

Reviews of Quad ESL63
Audio Review
Magnan Recommended Audio System Tweaks

Gingko Audio Mini Cloud
Audio Review

A flagship turntable from Bluenote
Additional Bluenote turntable review

Soundstage Review Orpheus