Gravity One Record Weight, Origin Live – UK

The Gravity One record weight removes harmful vibration from your records surface, which significantly improves the sound quality in your system.

The result is a turntable record weight which makes a significant contribution to improving bass definition, weight and depth but it also enhances the mid-band and treble through better separation, transparency and decay of notes. This is where most other clamps cause degradation but the Origin Live clamp excels.

Available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto

Degritter MKII Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The core of Degritter is the 120kHz ultrasonic cleaning system. It has been carefully designed in house to make sure that records are cleaned thoroughly and without any damage to the surface of the record.

Ultrasonic cleaning works by creating a large number of microscopical bubbles in the cleaning bath, a phenomena called cavitation. The bubbles are a vacuum created by high frequency pressure waves moving through the water. Every ultrasonic cycle bubbles are formed and collapsed, releasing energy as heat and minuscule strong water jets. These effects combined thoroughly clean all surfaces down to a microscopic level.

A 120kHz frequency provides finer and more evenly distributed cleaning action than lower frequency systems. In fact, this technology at even higher frequencies is used to clean parts in the semiconductor industry, where surfaces need to be pure on a molecular level.

Degritter uses a custom ultrasonic bath with a custom 300W ultrasonic amplifier that has been designed specifically for cleaning vinyl records. The cleaning bath has four ultrasonic transducers (emitters), two on both sides covering the whole record. Degritter also comes with Frequency Sweep feature, which provides better cavitation energy and power distribution. Degritter is the only cleaning solution on the market working at 120kHz and having the Frequency Sweep feature. 

Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

ZeroDust Stylus Cleaner

zerodust Best-Selling Zerodust Stylus Cleaner Uses Space-Age Polymer Bubble to Quickly Clean Your Stylus: Japanese Accessory Eliminates Need for Hard-Bristled Brushes and Harmful Fluids

Clean your stylus with ease with the Zerodust stylus cleaner. Simply lower your stylus onto the surface of this space-age polymer bubble, then quickly lift the arm lever, and you’re done! Watch as the stylus tip slowly sinks into the baby-soft surface, leaving behind an impression with stylus debris left behind. This fresh approach to stylus cleaning saves you from the fear of using hard-bristled brushes and over-applying harmful fluids. Zerodust lasts a long time, can be cleaned with tap water, and adds hours of life to your cartridge. It will also preserve the life of your stylus. It even comes with a magnifying glass so you can inspect your stylus. What’s not to love?

“After a few seconds, you lift the stylus, and it’s as clean and reside-free as the proverbial whistle…Upside: no potentially dangerous brushing, and no fluids!”
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile, Recommended Components Issue

Always in stock at MKoM, Toronto

Furutech DF-2 LP Flattener

LP Flattener DF-2Ultimate Performance • Ultimate Refinement • Ultimate Luxury
Every vinyl enthusiast has records in their collection, or come across LPs they’d love to own, but were just too warped for any cartridge/arm to track. The DF-2 the one-stop, one-button solution to your problems! The DF-2 provides controlled-heat perfect flattening for all your warped records, even those with only slight irregularities just enough to unsettle your cartridge and cause mistracking.

Warps And Listening
Warps are bad news no matter how you look at it. If the arm/cartridge remains parallel to the LP’s surface as with a flat record, VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) remains unchanged throughout every rotation. Additionally, as the arm/cartridge tracks a warp on its upside, it places greater pressure on the stylus which changes VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) until the peak of the warp, whereupon the cartridge becomes “unloaded” with too little VTF on the way down.

Of course, all this muddles the sound, changing the tonal quality, imaging and soundstage characteristics of the cartridge. A flat record also tracks better with less distortion.

The DF-2 doesn’t take up much room with its space-saving, vertical storage design. Improved film heating technology optimizes the entire heating and cooling cycle for a perfectly flat LP that your cartridge – and you – will love! Just lay the DF-2 flat, open and place the LP on the guides, close and tap a single button! An LCD keeps you informed of progress with a tone sounding when done.

The DF-2 is an upgraded version of the original DFV-1.

MKoM is pleased to offer LP Flattening service using the DF-2.

Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner

Audio Desk Vinyl CleanerThere are Record Cleaners, and Then There are Record Cleaners

Audio Desk Systeme, Reiner Glass’ German-based company, specializes in LP and CD cleaning equipment.

The cleaning process within this design uses ultrasonic frequencies that create micro-bubbles and minute liquid jets that enter the grooves and literally blow out contaminants.

The ADS cleaner brings out more life from my records, with noticeable reduction of surface noise. Most ticks and pops are gone. I continually hear details previously hidden within the grooves. Reduced surface noise also enables higher listening volume that comes without the audible negatives that have always been vinyl’s Achilles heel.

In the true sense of set it and forget it, this is the most user-friendly record cleaning system we have ever used. Is the ADS vinyl cleaner the answer to your analog prayers? If you have a large collection of new and/or used LP’s, your investment already far exceeds the cost of ownership. The answer, then? A resounding yes!

Dr. Feickert Protractor

Feickert ProtractorDear customer, first of all let us thank you for your confidence in our products. The Protractor you hold in your hands is a precision device that enables you to adjust cartridges and tonearms with an effective length from 8,6 up to 17,7 inches for correct overhang and offest.

The calculation of parameters were carefully carried out according Lofgren’s (frontside) and Baerwald’s (backside) equations aiming in reduction of the overall RMS distortion level caused by deviations from the perfect linear tracking position of your cartridge. Please read this manual carefully to have full benefit from this unique tool. In terms of perfect azimuth calibration we reffer to our innovative software ADJUST+ (

A little bit of theory
The general geometrical correlation of a tracking device based on a fixed pivot point are well known since the fundamental publications of Baerwald and Lofgren back in the first half of the 20th century. The conclusion of both papers was that such a tracking device must have an angular offset with a defined overhang. The offset and the overhang vary with the effective length of the tonearm itself.

While tracking the record the stylus matches tangential position in the groove in two points – the inner and outer Null points (linear tracking position).

Click here for more information about the Feickert Protractor

Dr. Feickert Adjust Plus+

From the graphs you can see the phase error at 0 degrees azimuth was huge: 155 degrees! Where the curves in the upper graph cross at -1.4 degrees azimuth angle, there is zero phase error, which is readily audible to the untrained ear. The crosstalk figures at this azimuth setting reflect improvements up to 7 dB, which again is huge! (a 10 dB difference is twice or half as loud) The ear is more sensitive to phase error than crosstalk, so -1.4 degrees was selected as the optimum azimuth setting.

From the moment the stylus hit the groove, the differences were mind boggling. Everything from top to bottom was clearer, better defined, with dramatically less noise and grain. The client raved about it the improvements and continues to say how it’s almost as if he’s hearing each record again for the first time. He laughed, saying he never would have deliberately put the cartridge and arm at a funny angle like that, but sure enough he heard the difference right away. Every client has said the same things. We’re batting 1.000!

Whether the perfect azimuth setting for your system is as little as a few tenths of a degree from where it is now or even more than what’s shown in this example, you’ll hear the improvements time and again. Your favorite records will last longer, and so will your stylus.

It’s truly the biggest bang for the buck improvement you can make to your system. Your ears will thank you!

For further information, kindly refer to:

cartalign1An example of what the correct azimuth setting will do for you

The client in this case listens to vinyl only and carefully maintains his records and keeps his equipment in perfect adjustment. Accordingly, the cartridge body was perfectly level, parallel to the record surface.


The graphs above, generated by the software program, show the phase response (upper graph) and crosstalk (lower graph) measurements taken for different azimuth angles (shown on the horizontal axes). The light blue vertical lines highlight the measurements taken at zero degrees azimuth angle, the initial setting, while the yellow vertical line toward the left side of the graphs highlights the measurements taken at the optimum azimuth angle of -1.4 degrees. Because the software program is configured for azimuth angles in 0.5 degree steps, for measurements at the final azimuth setting of -1.4 degrees we “pretended” to the program that the azimuth was at +2.5 degrees — a region that’s not of interest since crosstalk is increasing for positive azimuth angles and phase error is relatively unchanging.

Boston Audio Design

ba_equipBoston Audio Design manufactures audiophile accessories that help you get the most from the equipment you already own.

Our award-winning TuneBlocks bring the many energy absorption benefits of pure carbon to a wide variety of applications – including CD / DVD players, preamps, power conditioners, turntables, amplifiers and speakers.

The Mat 1 and Mat 2 are pure carbon record mats praised by audiophiles worldwide. Whether you own a Linn, VPI, Rega, Acoustic Signature, Clearaudio, Nottingham or almost any other turntable, our record mats are one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your system.