Audiomica Laboratory Cables

  Audiomica has been present in the audiophile market for more than ten years, at first as hobbyists and  now as a manufacturing and trading company. After the years of research they have discovered that the quality of audio cables is not only affected by such obvious aspects as the kind of conductor, weave, screen…

The Chord Company

“Our customers know us for high quality and excellent value, combined with sonic improvements you can hear straight away. Our exhaustive listening tests and obsession with value for money makes Chord products the most effective connector system on the market.”

Nirvana – The quiet cable

Simple Elegant, Precise, Nirvana Audio takes great pride in the introduction of our flagship series. Referred to by many as the worlds finest Ultra-Fi cabling. It brings us great pleasure to offer for your listening enjoyment, our Reference Standard audio, digital and power cable assemblies. The cliché “less is more” has never been truer in…