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Oracle Audio Delphi MKVII

Oracle MKVI TT

“With the improvements in the bearing, and especially with the addition of the silicone damping system, the Mk.VII edition not only retains the Oracle Delphi’s position as one of the most beautiful turntables in the world; it reestablishes it as a formidable contender in and well beyond its price class.”

-Michael Fremer, Stereophile March 2010

Since 1979, Oracle Audio has been producing state-of-the-art stereo components. Oracle’s first turntable, the AC model, introduced new features and technologies to the analog world. Oracle’s Delphi MkI was introduced in 1980. The new Delphi MkVI is the sixth edition of the Delphi’s line heritage. Through the years the Delphi won numerous prestigious awards and it has been acclaimed worldwide! The Delphi MkVI was awarded the Analog Grand Prix 2010 Gold Award from Japan, more recently Enjoy the Music.com’s Best of 2014 Blue Note Award. To this day the Delphi is still Oracle’s flagship product and still serves as a reference in the analog community!

Using the finest components and design technologies, the Oracle Delphi MkVI is exquisite in all aspects. Like its predecessors the Delphi MkVII is supported by three suspension pillars to efficiently control unwanted vibrations. It harbours a massive belt-driven platter that uses a centre clamp system first introduced by Oracle back in 1979. The Delphi’s floating chassis, milled from solid billets of aluminum, is an extremely rigid and inert structure supporting the tonearm and the platter. While the fabrication process of the Delphi is one of minute precision its development process is one of science and emotion; to bring out all of the music’s depth and detail. Truly the Delphi MkVII is a work of art!

“The engineering involved in the Oracle is as unique as its styling and the constructional standards are in the Mercedes class – the best !”   – Hi Fi Answers, England.

The Delphi is a remarkably handsome work of art. Clearly a refinement over its predecessors, the new Mk VI is engineered to a level that the industry is invited to emulate.


Ortofon’s New Reference Tonearms

At last, Ortofon’s anticipated Reference Series tonearms are now available for preorder

(Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto, starting week of December 11, 2023)  

Features at a glance:

High precision bearing assembly achieves a new level of sonic performance

Improved H4 connector resists wear over time

Pivot point center hole takes the guesswork out of using 3-point alignment tools

Includes 2 counterweights, one for standard cartridges and one for extra-heavy (ie SPU)

Includes shielded high-purity copper tonearm cable (6NX-TSW1010)

Available for your listening pleasure, within the GTA, at My Kind of Music, Toronto.


Musical Fidelity LS3/5A Monitor Loudspeakers



They’re Back….and we are very glad they are!

The LS3/5A was originally designed for listening places where space was limited, like mobile control rooms for television. The goal was a linear frequency response down to 100Hz with an excellent sound quality.

Due to the closed type cabinet, the LS3/5A convinces with its clear and fast playback. As the speaker was designed to be used for studio applications, the mid-range is extremely detailed and realistic. The sound stage and imaging of vocals and instruments is truly extraordinary. The LS3/5A works best in a near/mid-field listening distance between two and four meters away from the listener.

Over the years, the LS3/5A became an industry standard for music studios, especially for classical recordings. It also quickly gained interest in the audiophile sector. Due to the small size, the LS3/5A is the perfect fit for small living rooms. Do not get fooled by the size: The speaker surprises with a lot of low end information. Due to the closed type design, the bass is quick and perfectly defined, compared to a bass reflex speaker.

The LS3/5A was produced by several speaker manufacturers over many decades already. The Musical Fidelity A1 was always the perfect partner with its Class A amplification. The result was an astonishing clear, detailed and warm sound stage.

Available in Toronto for your listening pleasure at My Kind of Music.

Musical Fidelity A1 Integrated Amplifier

A1 – The return of a true hi-fi classic

In Hi-Fi, the Musical Fidelity A1 has become one of the most classic designs – inside and out. First released back in 1985, it quickly made waves for being an absolute beast when it came down to driving some of the most difficult speakers of that time, even though it was actually a rather low powered integrated amplifier. But: it was all done in pure Class A with excellent and expertly laid out discrete symmetrical circuitry topology and using only highest quality components. The A1 showed people that there was more to amplifiers than just high power.

Based on its huge success, the A1 has gone through multiple reissues and new versions over the years.

Now for 2023, for the first time since its initial release we have actually kept all specifications, the appearance and circuits of the 1985 rendition for those who missed out the first time. With an updated transformer, power supplies and modern low noise components we’ve revitalized the formula and are proud to reintroduce the fresh original – three decades later.

Available in Toronto for your listening pleasure at My Kind of Music.

Pathos Acoustics Logos MKII Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Close to the spirit that has animated since its origin has always been involved in the search for new solutions and improvement of its machines for Music.

“E” with this approach that Pathos after more than ten years after the introduction of the integrated Pathos Logos presents its evolution MKII.

At Pathos, updated versions of its models are usually not introduced, except in the presence of substantial and meaningful new ideas, to offer its loyal customers and in general to all lovers of good music.

Indeed behind the legacy of its original design, the new Logos MKII hides the introduction of a series of new solutions, some composed in order to further enhance the sound of the amplifier and others to meet the demand for versatility and practicality that a demanding clientele demands, that is also present in a high-end devices.

Available for your listening pleasure, within the GTA, at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Pierre Etienne Léon Tuscane Loudspeakers

Pierre Etienne Léon & My Kind of Music, Toronto are very proud to introduced the Toscane model, the smallest column loudspeaker in its range.

Although the most affordable, it in no way sacrifices its performance and musical qualities. It comes in the form of a compact column 100cm high, with a good quality of manufacture and an elegant appearance. We find the design & components utilized within the design have ensured the success of the latest generations of Pierre-Etienne Léon loudspeakers.

Indeed, bass loading is handled by the Cross-Flow principle, an original design by Monsieur Léon. This principle is composed of two internal cavities acoustically coupled in order to regulate the flow generated by the loudspeakers, to balance the acoustic pressure and to reduce the effects of standing waves while stiffening the body.

The filter uses carefully selected components to maximize the musical result. These components are wired together with high quality wiring, without any circuit boards. It is optimized for minimum phase shift and regular impedance. The double-ring diaphragm tweeter with wave-guide provides a linear frequency response. The two 13 cm bass-midrange speakers have a convex polypropylene/carbon composite membrane.

These cones have excellent internal damping and are acoustically neutral and lightweight. The symmetrical arrangement of the loudspeakers makes it possible to obtain a wide and deep stereophonic image with great respect for the phase.

Like the other models in the range, the Toscane are assembled and are thoroughly inspected in pairs by Pierre-Etienne, in order to obtain the tightest tolerances on the two loudspeakers.

Bottom line, the Tuscany offers surprising sound quality for a small column design. The balance of registers, the coherence, the dynamics and the naturalness of the timbres are all there. The sound-stage is remarkably expansive, unrelated to its size.

Available for your listening pleasure, within the GTA, exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.


Mark Levinson No 5105 Turntable

For nearly 50 years, discerning individuals have chosen Mark Levinson products for their luxurious beauty and revealing sound. Robust materials, lavish niches, bold geometry, and outstanding performance are celebrated attributes of the Mark Levinson brand. The No 5105 is a premium precision-engineered turntable that delivers on that reputation with an original custom design.

Created for the discriminating analog music lover, the No 5105 is the perfect complement to the 5000 series phono stage included in the No 5805 integrated amplifier and No 5206 pre-amplier. The No 5105 turntable is available either with or without a factory installed moving coil phono cartridge

With its elegant motif, the No 5105 blends lustrous elements intrinsic to the acclaimed 5000 series while introducing new material combinations essential for its exceptional performance. No detail has been overlooked.

Available for your listening pleasure within the GTA at My Kind of Music, Toronto.


Parks Audio Puffin Phono Stage

What’s a Puffin?

The Puffin is simply a next-generation phono preamp with a wide range of gain settings which allows easy system matching for all carts and sound systems. The wide selection of tone controls then make it a breeze to tweak the sound to perfection. The proof is in the Puffin.

Who is Parks Audio?

Puffins are designed, assembled, and tested in our Pacific Northwest family-owned facility. Our owner, Shannon Parks, draws on his expertise in state-of-the-art electronics – and his love for high-quality audio – for designs our customers tell us are simply the best available.
And they appreciate his personal feedback/advice about their audio system configurations. We have thousands of customers worldwide who have come to expect the best from Parks Audio, and get it! 

Available for your listening pleasure at My Kind of Music, Toronto

For vinyl lovers everywhere,
the Puffin does it all.

*   NEW! MAGIC gently attenuates your records pops and clicks making your LPs sound better than ever
*   NEW! Adjust your cartridge’s azimuth for better stereo and mono
*   Dial in your sound using Tilt, Air, Treble, Bass, and BassBoost
*   Twenty gain settings from -4dB (CD) to 72dB (MC) w/ 40dB (MM) default
*   Over 500 adjustable phono settings for LPs and 78s
*   Volume control with cueing mute
*   Modes are Stereo, Mono, Left and Right
*   Apply transfer functions like tube (2H) and tape (3H)
*   Recall default settings (CD, MM, MC) and save your own
*   Traditional analog inputs and outputs (RCA type)
*   Suggested initial settings for many cartridges
*   Mod your Puffin with a digital coax output (SPDIF)


Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter

The Fozgometer V2 is here!

The new model features a more sensitive meter for precise measurements, an easier-to-read display, and the option to use an outboard power supply, as well as a 9v battery. The new Fozgometer V2 retails for $400 USD.

Phono cartridge azimuth is a key parameter for getting the best stereo imaging and sound staging. For optimal stereo performance from a modern phonograph system, the pickup cartridge azimuth must be properly adjusted. Prior to the Fozgometer, one had to use an oscilloscope, AC voltmeter, or computer program, methods can be expensive and time-consuming.

The FOZGOMETER V2 is a small portable battery-powered or wall-powered meter that is used in conjunction with a test record to measure channel separation, channel balance, and signal direction quickly and accurately. It incorporates a “Log Ratio Detector”, developed by Jim “Foz” Fosgate for surround processor steering logic circuits, to measure cartridge azimuth. The readings can be made with a wide range of input signals; directly from the tonearm cables, from the output of a phono stage, or from a tape output, without affecting accuracy. Readings are taken without touching the meter, leaving your hands free to adjust the tonearm. The meter reads channel separation in both directions, and channel balance. The LEDs indicate Left, Center, and Right signal (test tone) positions.

For best results, we recommend The Ultimate Analogue Test LP by Analogue Productions:

The Ultimate Analogue Test LP features a comprehensive selection of test tracks and is recommended for use with our Fozgometer. It was produced by Clark Williams of Acoustic Sounds and cut at Sterling Sound on a Neumann VMS-80 cutting lathe with a newly rebuilt SX-74 cutter-head.

Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Luxman L509X Integrated Amplifier


The realization of a desirable idea – the ultimate refinement of separates in a single unit.

The L-509X integrates the features of both a high quality separate amplifier and a high performance integrated amplifier into one product. The goal of creating an ideal integrated amplifier, initiated by LUXMAN with the launch of the L-509fSE in 2002, has now been advanced with the development of the L-509X. The L-509X integrated amplifier is equipped with many desirable features, such as the New LECUA1000 and a discretely configured buffer circuit in the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit. LUXMAN’s ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) original amplifier feedback circuit and a power supply with independent left and right channel blocking capacitors are intrinsic to this design, as well as many components used only in high end models, ensuring high-quality audio reproduction. The design of the L-509X incorporates the cream of LUXMAN’s proprietary technologies, breaking new ground and creating the ultimate expression of “separates in a single unit”.

Available in Toronto for your listening pleasure at My Kind of Music.