Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner

Audio Desk Vinyl CleanerThere are Record Cleaners, and Then There are Record Cleaners

Audio Desk Systeme, Reiner Glass’ German-based company, specializes in LP and CD cleaning equipment.

The cleaning process within this design uses ultrasonic frequencies that create micro-bubbles and minute liquid jets that enter the grooves and literally blow out contaminants.

The ADS cleaner brings out more life from my records, with noticeable reduction of surface noise. Most ticks and pops are gone. I continually hear details previously hidden within the grooves. Reduced surface noise also enables higher listening volume that comes without the audible negatives that have always been vinyl’s Achilles heel.

In the true sense of set it and forget it, this is the most user-friendly record cleaning system we have ever used. Is the ADS vinyl cleaner the answer to your analog prayers? If you have a large collection of new and/or used LP’s, your investment already far exceeds the cost of ownership. The answer, then? A resounding yes!