Degritter New Product Updates

New products in Degritter line-up

Dear business partners and friends,

Last week the team at Degritter attended Munich High End, one of the world’s leading audio shows and it was truly great to meet again with so many of our esteemed dealers and business partners. It was also a good time to reveal some of the products we have been long working on. Without further ado, here they are: 

1. New Record Cleaning Fluid II 

Working together with chemists we developed a new recipe and can proudly say that our new Record Cleaning Fluid II deals with fingerprints, dust, and cigarette smoke like never before. The fluid has been designed and tested to be safe for vinyl records and safe for the environment. Recommended concentration is small (1:500 – 1:1000) and it rinses off easily. 

The new Record Cleaning Fluid II: 

  • Has better wetting properties
  • Works great against fingerprints
  • Is anti-static
  • Is biodegradable.

Retail price is €28 EUR and it will be available to order from June 2024. 

2. Dust Cover 

It is the accessory that many of the customers have been asking for. Here it is – the Degritter Dust Cover. 
Tailor-made from Alcantara material, it’s durable, fits nicely and is easily washable. On the sides, it is imitating a look of a suit, with a pocket for a manual and other accessories on each side, closing smoothly with magnets. Covers will come in gray and black. 

Retail price is €360 EUR and it will be available from August 2024. 

3. Fonoteek RCM

Fonoteek machine’s unrivalled performance comes from fully customized washing programs that have 4 different functions to choose from:

📌 Brush wash
Fonoteek has two microfiber brushes to wash off larger dirt from the record surface.

📌 Ultrasonic wash
Degritter is well known for its efficient ultrasonic cleaning.
There is also a large radiator for cooling the water. Water is constantly cooled and maintained on a vinyl-safe temperature so the washing program won’t be interrupted by a cooling cycle. 

📌 Rinse
Fonoteek machine has a built-in two-tank system – one water tank for washing with surfactant and one tank for rinsing with purified water.
To keep the water clean, there are two types of industrial-grade filters – activated carbon and de-ionization filter. Filters are easy to replace with a click and turn system. 

📌 Dry
When the cleaning process is over, the machine proceeds with the drying cycle. 

Users can choose and customize the length of each feature. 

Pre-order for Fonoteek machine starts from June 10th in 2024. Fonoteek will reach the customers by the end of this year.Estimated retail price for Fonoteek is €6990 EUR. 

Here is a video of the presentation our CEO Uku gave at High End regarding the new products: 

All Degritter Products & Accessories are available in Toronto exclusively at My Kind of Music. 

Happy Listening,

MKoM, Toronto