Degritter Mark II


November 14, 2022, In November 2022, Degritter & MKoM, Toronto are very pleased to announce the   release a new version of the record cleaner called “Degritter Mark II”. The new device will replace Degritter machines currently on sale. In essence, this is a facelift to our current model and it is not to be confused with the Reference Model, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

Degritter Mark II – Product Summary

New look and feel
Stronger feedback from buttons;
The button material, the button press and the rotational clicks will now have more
feel to them. This allows easier control with more precision over the machine’s
user interface.
A new dark shade of gray;
The Mark II gray machines have a darker shade of finish compared to the
previous version.
New lighter logo color on the black variant, due to popular demand. The logo
color on Mark II machines will be creamy white.
All Mark II machines will have a small “MARK II” text underneath their logo on the
front panel.

Improved technology inside
Pumps have a new PWM controller, which allows smoother pumping action;
A redesigned ultrasonic amplifier increases reliability and includes automatic fault
detection for improved safety. The ultrasonic cleaning now has a better power
control, which automatically adjusts for load variations in the cleaning bath (7” vs.
12” record for example).

Ultrasonic pulse mode cleaning

○ The original Degritter was the first ultrasonic record cleaning machine on the
market that had frequency sweep in its ultrasonic cleaning. The Degritter Mark II
introduces pulse mode for the ultrasonic cleaning.
Pulse mode cleaning rapidly switches the ultrasonic activity on and off. This
creates a low frequency acoustic “punching” wave in the cleaning tank water
which gets rid of larger dirt faster.

Degritter Mark II launch

  • Information regarding the “Degritter Mark II” machine can be shared with the customers starting from the 14th of November.
  • The “Degritter Mark II” will be made available for purchase on the 25th of November, 2022
  • Cost of the new “Degritter Mark II” will be $3280 USD.

“Degritter Mark I” Version

  • At the moment, we have ceased taking any new orders for the “Degritter Mark I” version. All new machines sold will be designated “Degritter Mark II”.
  • All pending orders with the previous version “Degritter” machine, may be changed for the new “Degritter Mark II”
  • Starting from the 14th of November, the “Degritter Mark I” machines will be offered at the previous price of $2990 USD.
  • Degritter & MKoM will provide every unit of “Degritter Mark I” model machines in stock with a free additional water tank. The “Degritter Mark I” models will be sold together with two water tanks.
  • There is also a new software version for the previous “Degritter Mark I”machines. This software will support the use of two water tanks with one machine so that one tank has water with cleaning fluid and the second tank can be used with pure clean water for rinsing purposes. The machine will prompt the user to swap tanks.

Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto.