Pierre Etienne Léon Tuscane Loudspeakers

Pierre Etienne Léon & My Kind of Music, Toronto are very proud to introduced the Toscane model, the smallest column loudspeaker in its range.

Although the most affordable, it in no way sacrifices its performance and musical qualities. It comes in the form of a compact column 100cm high, with a good quality of manufacture and an elegant appearance. We find the design & components utilized within the design have ensured the success of the latest generations of Pierre-Etienne Léon loudspeakers.

Indeed, bass loading is handled by the Cross-Flow principle, an original design by Monsieur Léon. This principle is composed of two internal cavities acoustically coupled in order to regulate the flow generated by the loudspeakers, to balance the acoustic pressure and to reduce the effects of standing waves while stiffening the body.

The filter uses carefully selected components to maximize the musical result. These components are wired together with high quality wiring, without any circuit boards. It is optimized for minimum phase shift and regular impedance. The double-ring diaphragm tweeter with wave-guide provides a linear frequency response. The two 13 cm bass-midrange speakers have a convex polypropylene/carbon composite membrane.

These cones have excellent internal damping and are acoustically neutral and lightweight. The symmetrical arrangement of the loudspeakers makes it possible to obtain a wide and deep stereophonic image with great respect for the phase.

Like the other models in the range, the Toscane are assembled and are thoroughly inspected in pairs by Pierre-Etienne, in order to obtain the tightest tolerances on the two loudspeakers.

Bottom line, the Tuscany offers surprising sound quality for a small column design. The balance of registers, the coherence, the dynamics and the naturalness of the timbres are all there. The sound-stage is remarkably expansive, unrelated to its size.

Available for your listening pleasure, within the GTA, exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.