Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaner & Accessories at MKoM

As the very first authorized partner for Degritter products in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we take great pride with our selection of specific products within our portfolio.  As such, we are pleased to announce that this highly acclaimed design is always in stock at MKoM, Toronto.  They are available in either Silver or Black finishes.  For our existing Degritter clients and in addition to the machine, we also stock spares of cleaning detergent, additional water tanks, replacement filters and 7″ & 10″ records adapters. 

Available for demonstration at My Kind of Music, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

For further information or to schedule a demonstrating of this incredibly effective Record Cleaner, please feel free to contact us directly at

Nottingham Analogue -UK & MKoM, Toronto

My Kind of Music, Toronto are pleased to announce our appointment as Canadian Importers for Nottingham Analogue Audio Products – UK. Nottingham Analogue manufacturers of some of the finest turntables, tonearms & accessories in the world.

As we establish an Authorized Dealer Network in Canada, we will publish them on our website where clients can reach out directly to their local dealer in their respective area. In the interim, please feel free to contact us directly with your requirements and we shall do our best to assist. Dealer inquiries are welcomed.

For further information of Nottingham Analogue product, kindly refer to the following link:

Nottingham Analogue Studio

Contact us at:

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Wilson Benesch announces new GMTONE System

Wilson Benesch Announces GMTONE SYSTEM©

  • The GMTONE System© Turntable announced to mark Wilson Benesch’s 30th Anniversary.
  • The GMTONE System© features a new drive system called the Omega Drive. The Omega Drive is the world’s first axially orientated, precision magnetically geared turntable drive. The Omega Drive delivers unprecedented accuracy and virtually zero noise. Licensed and patented design.
  • The GMTONE System© has been developed with a holistic approach the turntable and all sub systems have been optimised to create a unified system. In addition to the Omega Drive, Wilson Benesch has developed the Alpha Isolation System, Piezo VTA System, three new tonearms and a dedicated new cartridge.
  • The Alpha Isolation System developed in collaboration with a leading optical measurement system isolation company. The Alpha Isolation System is a microprocessor controlled pneumatic system that isolates the GMTONE System© from vibration. Fully autonomous, operating with microscopic precision, within millisecond time-frames, providing isolation to 1.7Hz.
  • Both the GMTONE System© and the Alpha Isolation System are fully compatible with Wilson Benesch’s R1 HIFI Rack. Together the system forms a highly optimised complete analogue replay system.
  • The Piezo VTA System is the world’s first remotely adjustable VTA. Fully controllable from the listening position, allowing unprecedented accuracy with adjustment to within 2.5 microns.
  • Three new tonearms have been developed through collaboration with the AMRC Sheffield and the FEMTO Institute Besancon under the SSUCHY 2020 Research programme. The low-mass Moment Tonearm, a low-medium mass CTi-30 Tonearm and the medium-high mass Graviton Tonearm.
  • Munich HIGH END 2019: Atrium 4.2 – E223 – The first public display of a the prototype GMTONE System© 

    The GMTONE System© redefines turntable design. It creates a new dialogue between the vinyl enthusiast and their replay system, changing the user’s experience of analogue replay forever and setting a new standard within the high-fidelity high-end audio market.

    Pricing and Availability


  • Pricing: unconfirmed. 
  • Availability: Q4 2019.

CES Innovation Awards 2017 Honoree: A.C.T. One Evolution P1



NEW YORK and SHEFFIELD, England, Nov. 10, 2016 – Wilson Benesch ( today announces that it has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the High Performance Home Audio / Video category for its newly launched A.C.T. One Evolution P1 floorstanding loudspeaker. The A.C.T. One Evolution P1 embodies excellence in craftsmanship and innovative design. Its patent protected colored carbon fiber finish is a bold design statement that reaffirms the company’s position at the forefront of manufacturing and research in advanced materials science within the high-end audio industry. Complete with bespoke Wilson Benesch drive technology, the A.C.T. One Evolution P1 delivers a unique, state-of-the-art sound experience.

MKoM, Toronto announces Canadian Distribution for Audiomica Laboratory Cables

July, 2014 marks a very compelling  month for MKoM, Toronto as we are extremely excited to introduce Audiomica Laboratory cables to the Canadian marketplace.

Audiomica Miamen Spk Cable

Audiomica Laboratory’s long-standing experience in Hi-Fi cable design & manufacturing has taught us that there is always some room for improvement and doing something better. If there are people who suppose otherwise, they are certainly wrong. New technologies, brilliant notions, inventions… We keep our finger on the pulse.

A design phase is inextricably linked with research. Audiomica does most of the development research on their own. Moreover, they consistently extend their research base and incorporate new companies which closely cooperate with Audiomica Laboratory. These partnerships that are forged allow access to measuring equipment and the latest technologies which otherwise, would be unobtainable.

Theory not always goes hand in hand with practice and thus after the laboratory research all the prototypes go to Audiomica’s listening room. In this room the final verification takes place. After this practical session, the prototypes go again through all the pre-production stages: idea, design, research and finally back to the listening room. Analysis shows that only 20% of the prototypes successfully go through all the pre-production stages.

Every single process of creation begins with an idea. In this aspect Audiomica is receptive to suggestions of their designers, indirect clients and target consumers. It results in numerous innovative projects which very often evolve into totally new products or upgrades for already existing ones. Should you have any suggestions which you would like to share with us, please write us at our email:


Berkeley Audio Design launches the new Alpha DAC Reference Series

Alpha DAC Reference Series angleDecember 1, 2013

Berkeley Audio Design is extremely pleased to announce the availability of the new Alpha DAC Reference Series.

The Alpha DAC Reference Series embodies everything we know about digital to analogue conversion taken to an unprecedented level – a level that requires new design concepts & new components at the edge of what is possible.  The result is an immediacy and presence of music reproduction that is simply real.

We literally designed the Reference Series before is was possible to built it.  Almost three years in development, the Alpha DAC Reference Series uses components designed to our specifications that were not commercially available.  Several suppliers were not able to meet our requirements which delayed the release of the Reference Series by more than one year.  But those obstacles were overcome and now the Alpha DAC Reference Series is a reality.

The presence & sonic reality of the Reference Series is the result of digital to analogue conversion at a new level of accuracy made possible by tremendous electrical & mechanical noise isolation coupled with extreme time domain stability.  Ceramic circuit board materials are used in all critical areas and the enclosure is carefully engineered to minimize electrical noise while maximizing mechanical stability.  The Reference Series weighs over 40 pounds and the entire enclosure is precision machined from a a solid billet of 6061 – T aluminum alloy.

A new high output, all metal IR remote control with direct input source selection is provided with the Reference Series.

Careful consideration was given to providing the highest possible reproduction of DSD files by the Alpha DAC Reference Series.  99% of modern DAC’s, including the Alpha Reference Series use mult-bit D/A converters because they provide better performance than 1-bit converters – even those who advertise “native” DSD compatibility.  So, at some point, the 1-bit DSD stream must be converted to multi-bit for all of those DAC’s.

We could, like many other manufacturers, convert 1-bit DSD to multi-bit within the Alpha DAC Reference Series and show “DSD” in the front panel display.  That would be the easiest approach from a marketing perspective.  But that would also mean increasing the amount of processing in the DAC during playback which would degrade audio quality, and audio quality is the reason the Alpha Reference Series exists.

Fortunately, virtually all reproduction of DSD files using external DAC’s occurs with a computer based music server as the source.  If the 1-bit DSD to multi-bit conversion is done first in the computer it can be performed with extremely high precision and superior filtering that preserves all of the content of the DSD file.  Computer DSD to multi-bit conversion can be at least as good as that performed in a DAC and without adding processing noise near or in the D/A converter chip.  Another advantage of computer based DSD to PCM conversion is that if higher performance DSD versions such as DSD 4x appear in the future they can easily be supported with a software upgrade.

For all of those reasons, DSD capability for the Alpha DAC Reference Series is provided by an included state of the art software application that provides either real time conversion of DSD 1x and DSD 2x to 176.4 kHz 24 bit PCM during playback or conversion to 176.4 kHz 24 bit AIFF or WAV files.  The software application is included in the price of the Alpha DAC Reference Series and is compatible with either Windows OS or Mac OS based music servers.

The Alpha DAC Reference Series supports 32 kHz to 192 kHz 24-bit PCM through four input; Balanced AES, Coaxial SPDIF 1, Coaxial SPDIF 2 and Toslink Optical.  Independent, single-ended and true balanced analogue outputs are provided.  Dimensions are 17.5 inches Wide X 12.5 inches Deep X 3.5 inches High.

More detailed information & a brochure for the Alpha DAC Reference Series will be available by the end of December, 2013.

The Alpha DAC Reference Series is being publicly introduced by a full page advertisement in the January, 2014 issue of The Absolute Sound that will reach subscribers in the first half of December, 2013.  Berkeley Audio Designs hope to have units available for CES in January, 2014.

As an authorized dealer, MKoM is currently accepting orders for the Alpha DAC Reference Series with delivery to clients salted for mid January, 2014.  The retail price of the Alpha DAC Reference Series is $14,000.00 USD.

Please note that the Alpha DAC Series 2 will continue to be available at its current pricing and now provides two SPDIF inputs.

For further information, please feel free to contact MKoM directly and we shall do our best to assist.

Happy Listening,


MKoM, Toronto


















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