MKoM, Toronto announces Canadian Distribution for Audiomica Laboratory Cables

July, 2014 marks a very compelling  month for MKoM, Toronto as we are extremely excited to introduce Audiomica Laboratory cables to the Canadian marketplace.

Audiomica Miamen Spk Cable

Audiomica Laboratory’s long-standing experience in Hi-Fi cable design & manufacturing has taught us that there is always some room for improvement and doing something better. If there are people who suppose otherwise, they are certainly wrong. New technologies, brilliant notions, inventions… We keep our finger on the pulse.

A design phase is inextricably linked with research. Audiomica does most of the development research on their own. Moreover, they consistently extend their research base and incorporate new companies which closely cooperate with Audiomica Laboratory. These partnerships that are forged allow access to measuring equipment and the latest technologies which otherwise, would be unobtainable.

Theory not always goes hand in hand with practice and thus after the laboratory research all the prototypes go to Audiomica’s listening room. In this room the final verification takes place. After this practical session, the prototypes go again through all the pre-production stages: idea, design, research and finally back to the listening room. Analysis shows that only 20% of the prototypes successfully go through all the pre-production stages.

Every single process of creation begins with an idea. In this aspect Audiomica is receptive to suggestions of their designers, indirect clients and target consumers. It results in numerous innovative projects which very often evolve into totally new products or upgrades for already existing ones. Should you have any suggestions which you would like to share with us, please write us at our email: