Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 Phono Stage

This phono stage is sensational. Firstly the amount of cartridge loading settings is ridiculous. To find this many settings on a product at it’s price point is basically unheard of. The phono-1 will play almost any cartridge available.

Sound-wise it is again extremely rare to find this kind of openness and transparency on a phono stage at this price point, it is something that you would normally only get from a £5k product. The Phono-1 is a giant killer and should worry most phono stages under £5000!

With more than 10 gain settings, 15 resistance and 9 capacitance settings, PHONO-1 leaves nothing to chance. It makes the perfect match for almost any Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridge.

The Phono-1 features separate high-quality gold plated PCBs for the main phono circuit and the mains power transformer ensure that any unwanted interference is kept well away from the audio signal. These PCBs, combined with the use of high-quality components and special solder, guarantee consistent optimum performance for the long term.

Phono-1 utilizes stainless steel shields to further enhance isolation of the RIAA and preamplifier circuits. All power supply components and circuits are outside of the main cover shield and away from any signal path.

A 3-way switch provided at the back of the Phono-1 gives the options of ‘Hard Ground’, ‘Ground Lift’ or ‘Soft Ground’ connection of the preamplifier and the chassis, to minimize any hum that may be introduced between the phono stage and the main amplifier.

This product is available with an orange or silver face plate.

Available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto.