Naim Audio Mu-So 2nd Generation

Introducing Mu-so by Naim, our first wireless music system.

Mu-so 2nd Generation is the successor to the multiple award-winning Mu-so wireless music system, re-engineered for class-leading performance, functionality and usability by Naim in Salisbury, England.

Mu-so combines our expertise in streaming, amplification and speaker technology to deliver the most exceptional quality in sound.

Beneath its anodized aluminum skin, mu-so is alive with innovation.

Six digital amplifiers command 450 watts of power, through our custom-designed speakers.

A specially developed digital processor controls the flow of music to each speaker for the best musical performance.

A large custom bass port system offers surprisingly deep bass, far beyond traditional wireless speaker systems.

The touch interface and volume control offer absolute precision of sound and a seamless connection between you and your music. Mu-so can stream high resolution music from virtually any source, iphones or your ipad as well as macbooks and other storage devices.

Its advanced connectivity includes:

Apple AirPlay

Spotify Connect

Bluetooth aptex

Universal plug and play

Internet Radio

Plus 3 x auxiliary Inputs including USB for charging and playback   The Naim control app for Apple IOS devices gives you access to all your digital music sources, to create playlists on the go and journey through your collection.

Finally, complete customization with speaker grilles in three optional colors

Mu-so by Naim…Go Deeper.

Available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto.