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Wilson Benesch products are unique in every detail. The visual aesthetic is determined by function and engineered from the raw material under one roof. The quality of finish is a natural requirement of materials. Choice and sonic performance is everything.

The Wilson Benesch product range is extensive and is comprised of the following Series:

Geometry Series – Cardinal, Fulcrum 650 Centre, Vector & Vertex

The Geometry Series pays homage to the importance of geometry in all good design. With the Geometry Series Wilson Benesch applies these principles, with passion, to Acoustic Engineering.

The Geometry Series aspires to be the evolutionary development of the time tested Odyssey Series that is now in its tenth year. This collection provides the summation of many years of considered thought and re-evaluation, encouraged in part, by new technologies and new manufacturing capabilities.

Odyssey Series – Chimera, A.C.T., Discovery, Curve, ARC & Centre

The success of any loudspeaker is defined by many things but none more so than the cabinet construction and the dynamic drive unit technology. In both these fields Wilson Benesch has introduced radically different design solutions.
Wilson Benesch Torus+Amp

Wide Bandwidth Collection – Trinity, A.C.T. C60, C60 Limited Edition & Torus Infrasonic Generator

New challenges new opportunities, a new genre in loudspeaker design. Wide Bandwidth: The capacity to recreate the actual event relies upon a number of fundamental design objectives.

Square Series 2 – Square Five, Square Three, Square Two, Square One, Square Centre

Analogue Collection – Full Circle Turntable, Carbon Cartridge, Ply Cartridge, A.C.T 0.5 Tonearm, Nanotube One Tonearm

MKoM is very proud to feature the following Wilson Benesch models within our reference systems:  Odyssey Series – A.C.T., Discovery, Arc & Square Two

A.C.T. – Balance is a critical factor in all good design and in the A.C.T. there is no finer balance. The cabinet is assembled, as you would expect from a Wilson Benesch loudspeaker, by hand from materials technologies that you would commonly see in Formula One race cars or advanced fighter aircraft. They represent the most advanced cabinet structures ever created by a loudspeaker company and are quite unique.

Acoustically, the A.C.T. is capable of communicating the finest nuances of the event. It achieves this without addition or embellishment of any kind. It is a sense of naturalness, that is perhaps the greatest strength of this time honored design. Few if any have stood this most demanding test.

Wilson Benesch DiscoveryDiscovery – Conceptually unique, this virtual point source, full range loudspeaker. has been precisely optimized, to extract the absolute maximum from the smallest enclosure. Its electrostatic qualities are underpinned by lightening fast dynamics, that leave the listener with nothing but effortless sound. A visually striking design, it is instilled with timeless qualities that defy convention. The design is quite simply beyond categorization. Yet, it achieves this without vulgar over statement or trivial additions.

Acoustically its principle achievement is the staggering depth of field and vast sound-stage. The Discovery is the Harry Houdini of loudspeakers, disappearing as it so easily does without a trace.

Arc –  Showing little, if any mercy to convention, the engineering prowess of the Arc redefined the stand mounted loudspeaker. Millions of carbon fibres are juxtaposed with precision extruded alloy sections, achieving an attractive but highly functional form. Driven by function like all good design, this design could lay claim to numerous achievements but without doubt its versatility and industry standard signal to noise ratio are beyond question. It is a great communicator, taking any type of program and reproducing it in the most sincere way, according to the quality of the recording.

Available exclusively at MKoM, Toronto.   For further information feel free to visit the manufacturer’s site: www.wilson-benesch.com