Amphion Argon3S

Amphion Argon 3 CherryAmphion Argon³S is one of the most natural and neutral sounding speakers commercially available.  A very high level of transparency means that you can hear deeper into your favorite recordings -– Argon³´s just allow music to come thru.

For increased mid-range clarity and tight tuneful low reaching bass, the new Argon3S will have the passive radiator technology from the studio monitor line up. The final voicing has been optimized to bring maximum joy from your favorite recordings. Argento binding posts along with silver plated pure copper internal wiring ensure a flawless signal transfer.

You can now own the same speakers that are used in the recording process of some of the all time audiophile reference recordings at Stockfisch records. Mr. Günter Pauler, who is responsible for producing numerous audiophile reference albums is using best recording and evaluating tools he can find in his quest to get “Closer to the music”. This is what he said of Argon³s.

“The best near-field speakers I have ever heard.”

Günter Pauler,