Dr. Feickert Woodpecker Turntable

Feickert Woodpecker 2 TTWoodpecker – simply enjoy

The Idea
…was built out of customers’ inquiries. Most peoples’ association of a turntable is a wooden box, platter and tonearm – that’s it. And here we go: Have a look at our interpretation of such a design.
The mission
…was not simple. From the scratch it was obvious that our MARC design will not adapt to a “conventional” chassis in an easy way. So we were looking for new ways to design as close to the bigger models as possible and get similar results. After a lot of refinement we are proud to present the final product.

The result
…is comparable to what you already know from our bigger models – timeless elegance paired with best measurements. Using our well-proven bearing design, platter and high torque motor, we achieved the same virtues of Twin and Triple. The motor electronics was adapted to match the design in a perfect way.
The sound
…will leave you stunning – no matter which tonearm you are planning to use (the sliding-base allows you to mount nearly all available tonearms from 9 up to 12 inches). Relax, listen to pure music and forget about the technology behind.