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Pathos TT Anniversary Pure Class A Integrated Amplifier

The first appearance of Pathos on the hi-fi scene did not go unnoticed: a short time after its debut, the T.T. has achieved a solid position among those very few components which contribute to writing the history of High-Fidelity.

International audio reviews welcomed the first product from Pathos with front page covers, highly enthusiastic comments and numerous prestigious awards.

When listening to music reproduced through a T.T. amplifier, everyone can experience the honest difference in terms of musicality, transparency, tonal color and absence of listening fatigue.

The reason why this difference can he consistently and immediately appreciated is because the T.T. is different. 

This difference is named INPOL®, the exclusive worldwide patented pure Class A feedback-free circuitry which has been claimed to represent the most important innovation in musical amplification of the last years.  InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare – Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

Simply put: T.T. exists for those who believe that music is food for the soul.

Available exclusively at MKoM, Toronto

Audio Analogue Bellini Anniversary Pre-Amplifier & Donizetti Anniversary Power Amplifier

The Anniversary Series Bellini Pre-Amplifier and the Donizetti Power Amplifier are both new models from Audio Analogue. Designed in the Airtech Laboratories, they are part of the Anniversary line, re-proposing more historical products of Audio Analogue. 

The Bellini / Donizetti Anniversary set have been designed and manufactured with the highest production standards, based on refined architecture & the deployment of high quality electronic components.

Both devices have been deprived of global feedback, which often introduces negative effects in the overall character of the sound. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of Italian engineers, Audio Analogue have managed to reconcile this solution with low distortions. Both the Pre-Amplifier and the Power Amplifier have a symmetrical structure, which not only reduces distortion, but also helps to cope with noise degrading the audio signal. The production takes place entirely in Italy. Both devices are be available in black or silver.

Exclusively available at My Kind of Music

Rega Planar 8 Turntable, RB880 Tonearm & Neo PSU

Planar 8 & Neo PSU

The Planar 8 was inspired by the ultimate Rega turntable, the ‘Naiad’.  Rega – UK decided early on that instead of an evolution of the previous RP8, the new Planar 8 was to be developed and engineered to encapsulate the essence of ‘Naiad’ at an affordable price. The aim was to deliver a level of performance far beyond what has been achieved at this price point before.

Every aspect of the Planar 8 is engineered to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. Rega Engineers  used the most advanced materials and engineering solutions built around a supremely lightweight plinth to ensure the greatest level of performance.The Planar 8 is supplied with the new RB880 tonearm and Neo PSU as standard which offers electronic speed change, advanced anti-vibration control and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment to ensure total accuracy and control over the motor. The outer frame of the previous model has now been removed and a new stylish, removable, single piece dust cover has been introduced further reducing the overall mass of the turntable.

“If you are looking for maximum musical intensity for your pound, dollar or euro you will be very hard pressed to find a better turntable at anywhere near this price. I am a Rega RP10 user myself but I’ve been hearing new things on this newcomer at nearly half the price, it truly is a triumph of analogue audio engineering” Jason Kennedy – editor of the ear.net October 2018.

Available for your listening pleasure at MKoM, Toronto

Russell K. Red 50 Loudspeakers

Russell K is a British Company that designs and builds Precision Audio Loudspeaker Systems.  They have been totally focused on producing the most authentic and believable sound possible.  With a combined Hi-Fi industry experience of more than 50 years the Russell K team introduces loudspeaker systems designed to sound like the real thing at affordable prices.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a small stand mount sized speaker which can offer lucid natural tones and sheer enthusiasm in a realistic sense at this price point.

The Russell K Red 50 is such a compliment to Russell Kauffman’s years of work in the Hifi industry and his extensive knowledge of driver selection and integration through working at with other driver design companies is reflected in the speakers’ instinctive performance.

With true transparency, a whip like responsiveness and the ability to hold the emotion of a strong vocal, the Red 50 is one of the very best small stand mount speakers that we have heard to date.

Available exclusively for audition at MKoM, Toronto

Pathos InPol Heritage Integrated Amplifier

InPol Heritage represents the incredible legacy of the late Pathos co-founder, designer and inventor of InPol, Engineer Giani Borinato.

The team of Pathos technical designers pushed themselves to the very highest level with this unprecedented project; an enormous amount of time was spent with this product, which is characterized by components of the highest quality and the customary absence of compromises.

The digital bias/gain set technology with intelligent control is entrusted to the same microprocessor which regulates the volume, thus guaranteeing the performance of the amplifier itself and its ability to drive the loudspeakers efficiently.


There is no better way to listen to music

Thanks to the (optional) HiDac Mk2 converter, music lovers who want the very best from the latest digital sources will find their demands fully met.

InPol (Inseguitore Pompa Lineare – Linear Pump Follower) is a system patented by Pathos Acoustics which has enjoyed great success and won many awards.

Inpol devices have a special sonic personality obtainable only by means of this particular circuit design – fully balanced in Class A using a single solid state component in follower configuration, with high current gain and with voltage gain together. The valve amplifier amplifies the input signal voltage and InPol supplies the current to drive the loudspeakers without any further amplification. In this way the signal is entrusted to the valves and becomes a true copy of the original, with all the quality, purity and harmonic content of the original.

This technology allows an increase in the theoretical output in pure Class A of between 25% and 50% together with a low output impedance which is fundamental for the damping factor, and further improved by the double InPol.

Available for audition exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Luxman EQ-500 Reference Phono Preamplifier


The joy of analog reproduction is the indulgence of the harmonic density and tonal character of vinyl playback, faithfully reproducing sound vibration and resonance inscribed on analog records without interruption.

The EQ-500 phono equalizer amplifier is a vacuum tube design for all stages to provide the ultimate experience in the expressive and colourful reproduction of music. Fine adjustment and switching functions that are easily accessible on the elegant front panel allow you to enjoy the real pleasure of analog reproduction.
The debut of LUXMAN’s reference phono equalizer amplifier, the EQ-500, brings a new dimension that offers an extensive menu of the finest details of analog reproduction allowing you to recreate that ideal sound from your memory.
The phone equalizer amplifier plays a unique role as part of an amplification system with respect to the characteristics and delicacy of signals. Because of this uniqueness, phone equalizers have been designed using various kinds of circuit methods and elements and have captivated the interest of enthusiasts for whom the detail of the sound is paramount. The EQ-500 is equipped with the circuit technology and musical essence inherent to its predecessor, the E-06 from LUXMAN.

Available for audition at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Vertere Acoustics MG-1 Turntable

Taking vinyl replay beyond what’s possible in this turntable class, Record Player MG-1 Magic Groove includes critical design elements of the SG-1 Player.

A superlative design, Record Player MG-1 Magic Groove offers fabulous performance that’s bettered only by Vertere’s RG-1 Reference Groove and SG-1 Standard Groove. As with all Vertere turntables, every individual part is custom built, and has been created using the optimum materials and highest precision standards.

The MG-1 main bearing is directly derived from the SG‐1 utilizing exactly the same bearing spindle and ball with a phosphor bronze bearing housing machined using similar precision engineering techniques to our high standards. The materials used and manufacturing to extreme engineering tolerances make the MG-1 main bearing silent, smooth running and second only to the SG-1.

MG‐1 main bearing is lubricated with Vertere proprietary formulated L‐1G record player main bearing oil for ultimate longevity.

Directly derived from the RG-1 and SG-1 motor assembly design, the MG-1 utilizes a single precision bearing fitted to its dedicated aluminum alloy motor platform and motor bearing support.

This unique design keeps the motor continuously synchronous to provide a drive with constant belt tension. Simply put, it drives the platter at constant speed without variation.

MG‐1 platter is a one piece aluminum alloy design based on the SG‐1 platter. Only utilizing the same precision machining techniques to Vertere’s extremely high tolerances ensures the smoothest running of the platter and the required inertia that keeps speed constant.

Platter/Record interface is a 3mm bonded cast Acrylic disc as used on the SG‐1.

Available for auditioning exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 Phono Stage

This phono stage is sensational. Firstly the amount of cartridge loading settings is ridiculous. To find this many settings on a product at it’s price point is basically unheard of. The phono-1 will play almost any cartridge available.

Sound-wise it is again extremely rare to find this kind of openness and transparency on a phono stage at this price point, it is something that you would normally only get from a £5k product. The Phono-1 is a giant killer and should worry most phono stages under £5000!

With more than 10 gain settings, 15 resistance and 9 capacitance settings, PHONO-1 leaves nothing to chance. It makes the perfect match for almost any Moving Coil or Moving Magnet cartridge.

The Phono-1 features separate high-quality gold plated PCBs for the main phono circuit and the mains power transformer ensure that any unwanted interference is kept well away from the audio signal. These PCBs, combined with the use of high-quality components and special solder, guarantee consistent optimum performance for the long term.

Phono-1 utilizes stainless steel shields to further enhance isolation of the RIAA and preamplifier circuits. All power supply components and circuits are outside of the main cover shield and away from any signal path.

A 3-way switch provided at the back of the Phono-1 gives the options of ‘Hard Ground’, ‘Ground Lift’ or ‘Soft Ground’ connection of the preamplifier and the chassis, to minimize any hum that may be introduced between the phono stage and the main amplifier.

This product is available with an orange or silver face plate.

Available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Transfiguration Proteus Diamond

The Proteus can only be understood in musical and emotional terms; it skillfully weaves it’s spell by interpreting analogue playback with such natural resolution, scale and dimension, that it leaves you lost in the music. It eloquently performs this by revealing the subtle cues and nuances that gives the listener that magical chill of recognition so often inaudible with other cartridges.

The Proteus D triumphs at the highest level by almost disappearing and leaving it’s audience with a palpable sense of intensely communicative music. In other words – pure and simple musical enjoyment. 

Mr Seiji Yoshioka’s pioneering spirit and sustained commitment to the perfection of moving coil phono cartridges is represented by his latest and unfathomable flagship model – “THE PROTEUS D”

Available for auditioning exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary

MKoM, Toronto is pleased to announce the arrival of the fabulous Maestro Anniversary Integrated Amplifier by Audio Analogue – Italy.

With its power supply, pre-amplifier and power amp housed on three separate boards, the Maestro Anniversary extends the dual-mono design further to include the power supply: left and right channels not only have their own separate grounds but also their own dedicated 600W mains transformers. The separate output stages use four pairs of power transistors per channel, enabling the amp to deliver 150W into 8 Ohms.

Also included are “military-standard” resistors, custom-made polypropylene capacitors, 7N OCC copper internal wiring and copper output connectors. 

Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto.


Pathos Inpol Ear

pathos-inpolearInPol Ear is an integrated headphone amplifier in pure Class A, with a fully balanced latest generation double InPol.

The twin match valve/headphone meets the highest quality of the sound, entrusted by the tubes with a low power demand, typical of the headphones.

Listening by headphones through this amplifier means to start a journey to search for sound fullness conveyed by InPol, which also grants a great high-end extent and a strong nature, thanks to two balanced outputs (10 W@ 16 Ohm) and 1 unbalanced output (6 W@ 16 Ohm).

Thanks to the (optional) HiDac EVO converter, music lovers who want the best from the latest digital sources – controlled via smartphone or tablet – will find their demands fully met.

Available for auditioning at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Luxman M900u Stereo Amplifier

Luxman M900u AngleMKoM, Toronto is very pleased to announce the arrival of the Luxman M900u Stereo Amplifier.

This bold design incorporates 12 watts (8Ω) pure Class A and 150 watts x 2 (8Ω) or 600 x 1 watts (8Ω) when used as a mono-block.

The new ODNF 4.0 (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) reduces high frequency distortion and delivers a smooth midrange, utterly grain free. ODNF 4.0 ahs acq. As a stereo amplifier, the M-900u is stable into a 1Ω load, where it delivers 1,200 watts, peak power. Due to ship towards the end of April, pricing is yet to be determined.

The Luxman M-900u offers a powerful power supply with large capacity 20,000 μF × 4 block capacitors, OFC bus bar and direct hard wiring. The EI type transformer itself implements flat square-shaped copper windings minimizing line capacity, enhancing binding force and providing excellent magnetic stability. Outputting an impressive 1,250 VA (instantaneous 2,500 VA), the M-900u has the power required to drive any speaker to peak performance.

The M-900u also utilizes 4 large capacity output relays offering an incredible damping factor of 710. To eliminate stray magnetic fields and associated impedance rises, Luxman developed a loop-less chassis eliminating the possibility of ground loops within the M-900u chassis. Cast iron legs act as a resonance sink and quickly drain vibrations found within the unit.

Luxman does not settle on ordinary components within its products. Rather, they design and build a large number of components found within the M-900u. Wiring, capacitors and even terminals are hand selected to meet the demanding standards at Luxman. Even the power cable was carefully designed. The JPA-15000 power cable utilizes the highest quality oxygen-free copper and takes the last step in ensuring the purity of the sound.

Gold-Plated, Peel Coat Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards normally have a green coat (dye) that can be printed upon, so the manufacturer knows where to place the copper traces and where to insert the resistors & capacitors. Luxman’s designers don’t like the sound of the green dye—in their extensive research they found that it smears the sound, so instead they print onto a plastic peel coat and remove it once the traces and mounting holes are in place. Then the copper traces are gold-plated to reduce resistance across the circuit, as well as to eliminate copper’s corrosion over time.

Luxman never ceases in its quest for audio perfection. The M-900u represents a major step forward in this journey.

Available for audition exclusively at MKoM, Toronto.

Lehmann Audio Silver Cube Phono Stage

Lehmann Audio Silver Cube Phono Stage

Lehmann Audio Silver CubeLehmann audio phono stages have gained a near legendary reputation for their sound and build quality. The Silver Cube is no different, pushing the boundaries still further. Although a relative newcomer to the Lehmann audio range, the exceptional Silver Cube has already established overwhelming recognition as the ultimate in phono stage design.

With the Silver Cube Lehmann Audio’s efforts in terms of technology, electronic parts and mechanics have lead to high-energy sound reproduction with excellent technical specifications and holographic sound-stage delivery.

The Silver Cube not only provides maximum air and space with excellent sound-stage depth and width, but also stunningly fast attack response, pace, timing, swing and dynamics… you will not be left untouched.

Visually, the massive milled aluminum case of the audio section impresses, while acting as a heat-sink for the discrete zero-feedback Class-A FET output stage.

The league of the finest phono stages available  worldwide welcomes a new member.

Available exclusively at MKoM, Toronto

Audio Desk Systeme Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO

AudioDesk ProAudio Desk Systeme Announces New Ultrasonic LP Cleaning System:
Vinyl Cleaner PRO

With its worldwide debut at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) in January 2016, Audio Desk Systeme of Germany and My Kind of Music, Toronto are pleased to announce the next generation, upgraded version of the award-winning ultrasonic LP cleaning system, the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO.

“Incorporating five years of evolutionary enhancements in addition to important upgrades to internal component parts, the Vinyl Cleaner PRO offers better features and performance, and also promises better reliability” said Robert Stein, President of Ultra Systems.

Features of the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO include better, quieter drying, a new premium motor, an upgraded pump with ceramic bearings, and improvements to the electronic control system including a dry-only option.

The Vinyl Cleaner PRO will also be offered in custom finish combinations of white, black and red, in addition to the standard gray finish.

Available at MKoM, Toronto

Luxman CL-38u Control Amplifier

Lux CL38u frtVacuum-tube control amplifier of the Golden Age revived in modern times. The CL-38u has a high quality design of all stages SRPP circuit, a multi-function tone control, a phono stage of the highest quality. It is the vacuum tube control center for the listener who appreciates tonal color and wants to derive the maximum pleasure from his music playback system.

Housed in an attractive wooden cabinet the CL-38u employs 3 x ECC83 and 5 x ECC82 in classic SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) configuration throughout all gain stages for extremely low output impedance thereby achieving strong drivability to cope with the most awkward amplifier loads. The use of four moving-coil step-up transformers in the phono stage further enables quiet and accurate reproduction of music recorded onto the LP. The CL-38u is a full-function pre-amplifier built to fulfill Luxman’s design philosophy in the quest of function and superlative sound quality that only a few modern valve amplifiers are able to achieve.

Now available for your enjoyment at My Kind of Music, Toronto.

Ortofon A95

Ortofon A95

Improving on Perfection…

Ortofon is proud to launch the MC A95, a world class moving coil cartridge to commemorate the 95th anniversary of Ortofon’s technical leadership in the audio industry.

With the MC A95, the bar is raised for its predecessor, the MC A90. The MC A95 not only celebrates the past 95 years of Ortofon, first and foremost it also makes history by significantly raising the standards by which sound reproduction is measured, making it a celebration of sound itself.

The new Ortofon MC A95 has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the dynamic capability of the cartridge. Our extensive knowledge of vibration properties, characteristics in different shapes and materials, competences in magnetism, mechanical design and new technologies has been applied for optimization of the MC A95.

Lovers of music will take note of a truly organic and encapsulating experience which transcends the boundaries of recording and undeniably blurs the distinction between what is live and what is recorded.

Exclusively available at MKoM, Toronto

Audiomica Laboratory Ultra Reference Series Cables

AudioMica Labs Genimedes-Ultra-Reference-Cross sectionUltra Reference Series cables are made of 925 jewellery silver and FEP dielectric. The cables are screened with silver or silver-plated braid, and the termination is silver-plated in a two-stage galvanization process. Moreover, they are hand-manufactured and tested for electrical correctness in our laboratory.

The series includes:

Speaker Cable –  Genimedes Ultra Reference

Power cord  – Callisto Ultra Reference

Analogue interconnect –  Europa Ultra Reference M3

Analogue interconnect –  Europa Ultra Reference XLR

Jumpers: Quan Ultra Reference

MKoM, Toronto is proud to showcase the Genimedes Ultra Reference Speaker Cables along with the Europa Ultra M3 Interconnect Cables within our Reference system.

To schedule your audition, please contact us directly at:  info@mykindofmusic.com

Moerch Model DP-8 Anisotropic

MØRCH has introduced a new top model: The DP-8

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the 4th of July 1981, Hans Henrik Mørch sent out a new tonearm to be auditioned. It was a prototype, a UP-4 modified to have greatly improved deep bass performance. But at that time audio equipment was not very concerned with the deep bass reproduction of vinyl records – the auditioners did not hear much improvement, and the project was abandoned. Somewhat ironically the introduction of digital audio helped advance the quality of deep bass – for instance, sub-woofers are now commonplace. After 25 years the old prototype was dusted off and eventually became the DP-8. The improvements in deep bass and dynamics are now evident…

For this new model the effective mass for the horizontal mode of motion is many times larger than the effective mass for the vertical mode of motion – no matter the effective mass of the arm tube used. This provides for tremendous improvements in bass response and a lot more dynamics.

Model DP-8 Anisotropic has a unique combination of bearings: For the horizontal mode of motion a silicone damped, high precision ball-bearing assembly with large housing for substantial damping.

Two precision sapphire bearings are incorporated for the vertical mode of motion. This also may be damped, if desired, by injecting silicone fluid into a well for vertical damping. Vertical damping is rarely needed for this model. It is independent of the damping of the horizontal mode of motion, and further it can be adjusted to all intermediate levels of damping.

Model DP-8 Anisotropic has a device for adjusting the VTA while playing integrated. Markings for “getting back” to a special setting is provided.

The large effective mass for the horizontal mode of motion is stabilizing the the arm tube horizontally, so that at very low frequencies it is only the cantilever of the cartridge, that is moving – not the tonearm. This means that the bass goes all the way down reproducing all the bass on the record with full amplitude and dynamics.
The DP-8 got the Golden Ear Award in The Absolute Sound June/July issue 2010. In the article, the author refers to the DP-8 as “anisotropic”, which is a short technical way of characterizing the new features.

Available for audition exclusively at MKoM, Toronto

Ypsilon Electronics MC Step Up Transformer

Ypsilon MC Step UpYpsilon Electronics was formed in 1995. Founded by two sound engineers with a vast experience in the field of live music reproduction.

It was not only their experience with live music and live concerts that provided us with the necessary conditions to gain knowledge, it was also Ypsilon’s technical background in electronics engineering, that contributed in formatting the concept of how a high end audio device should perform as well as how reliable it should be.

It was Ypsilon’s love and dedication to natural live music that drove them to transform their passion into technology. A technology that combines both traditional and modern ground breaking designs and techniques.

At Ypsilon Electronics they strive to reproduce music in such a way that one can not tell the difference from true live music.

Their achievement is the creation of unique products that communicate to the listener the true meaning of music…EMOTION!


The MC series moving coil step-up transformers are used to amplify the low level output signal from a moving coil cartridge bringing it to the appropriate level to drive a moving magnet phono preamp.

Exclusively for your listening pleasure at MKoM, Toronto.

The Wand Classic Uni-Pivot Tonearm

The Wand TA 1

The Wand Classic Uni-Pivot Tonearm

NEWS: The Wand Tonearm has just been awarded 5 stars (out of 5) by HiFi Coice (UK) this matches the 5 globes by HiFi World magazine.

The Wand utilizes a radical, large diameter arm tube with integrated cartridge mounting.  This design is massively stiffer than most tonearms allowing more music and less grunge from your system.

  • Drop in replacement for Rega geometry arms
  • Ergonomic finger lift integrated with arm tip.
  • Medium mass (12.5g) suits most cartridges
  • Fitted with Cardas wire and plugs. (also see; short lead / no plugs option for terminating at Turntable)
  • Anti-skate via hanging weight system.
The Wand Classic 12in Uni-Pivot Tonearm
NEW: The 12in Wand Tonearm in now available.
While it has similar performance and features as the award winning 9in arm, the 12in version enjoys a 24% reduction in distortion over it.Being in the fortunate position of having both 9in and 12in arms to compare, I’ve become a convert to 12in arms (after starting a skeptic). You are simply able to hear more music!
And it looks even more beautiful as the proportions are more elegant to my very biased eye…

  • 24% reduction in distortion over 9in arm.
  • Ergonomic finger lift integrated with arm tip.
  • Medium mass (15g) suits many cartridges
  • Fitted with Cardas wire and plugs. (also see; short lead / no plugs option for terminating at Turntable)
  • Anti-skate via hanging weight system.

The Wand tonearm, Musical Magic!

Transfiguration Proteus Phono Cartridge

Transfiguration Proteus mainThe Transfiguration Proteus MC Phono Cartridge represents the pinnacle of all that Seiji Yoshioka has learned and achieved in his pioneering and perfection of the ring-magnet construction in phono cartridges. Listening to the Proteus on a top turntable and arm combination, the usual audio industry descriptors fail…there is only music, intensely communicative music. The phenomenal resolution can only be understood in musical and emotional terms…”did you hear how he bent that note? …how could she do that with her voice? You can feel her pain…”

Proteus is the name of an early Greek sea god known for his ability like water, to change forms, flowing from one to the next. This aptly describes the Transfiguration Proteus MC Phono Cartridge and its chameleon-like ability to become whatever music it sees. Liquid, powerful, delicate, transparent…and teeming with life.

When you are ready to unleash the gods of music hidden in the grooves of your favorite LP’s, it is time for Transfiguration Proteus MC Phono Cartridge!

Available exclusively at MKoM, Toronto.

Origin Live Aurora MK3 Turntable

Turntable-Aurora-AngleThe Aurora MK3 turntable follows in the steps of it’s award winning predecessors but with improved looks and significantly increased performance. Remarkably, it offers true high end performance at an extraordinarily low price point, comfortably outperforming many expensive decks, even when fitted with inexpensive tone arms and cartridges.

Performance hallmarks are superb transparency, coherent timing, tangible sound staging and imaging. The Aurora’s inherent musicality and system friendly tonal balance guarantees many years of listening pleasure.

Options include a 12 inch arm mount, or dual armboard which can be ordered using the option button below.

EAR-Yoshino 899 Integrated Stereo Amplifier

EAR_899 2If ever an amplifier was all things to all men, the EAR 899 must be it. It takes as a starting point the recent EAR 890 power amplifier and builds on it with even greater flexibility of use.

Push-pull stereo integrated amplifier. 70 wpc into 4, 8, or 16 ohms. The 899 can be configured as an integrated amplifier or a power amplifier. Uses KT90 output tubes. Self-biasing. Six line inputs and one tape output.

The EAR 899 is itself a derivative of the famous EAR 834 integrated amp, offering a much increased output of 70W from the same chassis thanks to new output valves and detail circuit changes. The EAR 899 uses the same power amplifier topology as the EAR 890 but adds a six-input passive preamplifier in its own ‘loft apartment’. It is still possible to use the EAR 899 as a power amplifier, however, complete with true balanced inputs and the option of bridged or parallel mono operation to deliver 140W of Class A, making this one of the most easily upgraded amplifiers available.

Circuitry uses two pairs of KT90 valves per channel, giving bullet proof reliability, and construction is to the highest standards with a new departure for this range in the 19-inch rack-mounting front panel in thick and rigid anodized aluminum.

With this new amplifier, Tim de Paravicini has brought the sonic virtues of the EAR 834 to a more power-hungry audience, who can now enjoy classic EAR clarity, control and frequency extension with the added bonus of a long upgrade path ahead.

EAR-Yoshino 912 Professional Tube Control Centre

ear912Once again, EAR redefines expectations of amplifier performance with the new 912 studio-grade preamplifier. Building on our existing range of admired preamps including the unique 312 Control Centre (transistor-based), it offers an unusually wide range of features in a tube-based package which will appeal equally to the professional and the discerning audiophile. Two phono inputs are provided, both with switchable gain and input impedance – moving coil signals are, of course, pre-boosted by designer Tim de Paravicini’s noted input transformers, and his approach to RIAA equalisation ensures massive headroom and freedom from low-frequency instability. The low distortion, low noise line stage is coupled to the outside world via transformers, giving the option of balanced or unbalanced connection. Two balanced line inputs are also featured, plus three unbalanced and a tape loop. Selection is achieved by reed relays, keeping signal paths short and delicate signals intact. Meters connected upstream of the volume control give useful visual correlation of levels and help ensure that phono gain settings are optimal. As with all EAR products reliability and practicality are key priorities and to this end all components have been selected and rated for long and trouble-free service. All five tubes are PCC88s, a type noted for good performance and which will be around for servicing in the long-distant future. And unlike many of our competitors’ phono preamps there is no separate power supply box to deal with – careful design ensures that hum is kept at bay despite the inclusion of a high capacity power supply. If we haven’t even mentioned the sound yet, it’s only because you already know that our reputation assures its excellence….

Rossner & Sohn – Canofer Phono Amplifier

phonostage1For our Canofer we exclusively applied the best components of well-known German and Suisse manufacturers like Mundorf, ELMA and WBT.

The connectors Nextgen by WBT take care of a perfect integration to your phono equipment. Mundorf tin-foil-condensers create vital signals without loss of sound.

The board’s concrete dual-mono-structure and the perfectly attuned hand-selected transistors and components are adjusted to your MM- or MC-system with absolute precision by noise-free ELMA-switches. A special suspension-mechanism completely decouples board and enclosure. The board is totally shed and extra shielded to eliminate all sonic and electromagnetic faults.

For MM-systems there are 300, for MC-systems 1836 possible settings you surely will find the right one for your system.

GRAAF GM 50 Integrated Amplifier

collageThe GM-50 is the most recent GRAAF creation, an integrated amplifier born to complete  production of the highest class. GM-50 includes in a single frame the features and the level of performance that in the past were an exclusive of GRAAF pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers. Construction qualities, sound performance and the highest finishing level are joined with the lower cost and the ease of use of an integrated amplifier. The “GM” monogram on the front panel is a synonymous of the greatest sound quality, until now exclusive for top level electronics like GRAAF GM-200 power amplifier and GM- 13.5 B preamplifier. The goal of GM-50 is to establish new quality standards between top class integrated amplifiers.

As usual for GRAAF electronics, GM-50 aesthetics are very accurate even in the slightest details. They rely on the coupling of a massive 15 mm aluminum panel with a transparent crystal that allows the vision of the internal circuit. Led indicators show through the crystal the source selected by the user, making the front panel even more attractive. Large rotary knobs give a comfortable access to listening level control and source selection. They look solid and sturdy; the pleasant feeling given by their use is quite what the most demanding audiophile can expect of a GRAAF electronic.
The careful manufacturing and the plentiful sizing of the most critical components are suggested by a frame depth of almost 50 centimeters. GM-50 has also a remote control for on/off switching, source selection, listening level control and mute switching. The amplifier can manage up to six line sources: two of them with balanced outputs, the others with single ended ones. Two tape outputs are provided as well.

High quality binding posts allow the connection of a couple of loudspeakers. Elegance and refinement, joined with versatility and ease of use are just a preview for the exclusive GM-50 internal features. They have been considered with the greatest care in the aim to reach new limits for sound and quality in top-class integrated amplifiers. To attain this object some of the solutions typical of the OTL Series electronics, conceived by Giovanni Mariani, are used. The fully balanced configuration from input to output is between them. Its realization concerns the complete doubling of the electronic circuits, the only acceptable solution for the GRAAF quality standards, until now used only for very few electronics of higher cost. At the power switching, GM-50 enters in mute condition, until tubes reach the operating temperature.

Available exclusively at My Kind of Music, Toronto.  Please contact us directly to schedule your audition.