DCS Puccini CD/SACD Player

dcspucciniPuccini is a revelation – a high end system in one box – combining the aesthetics of the Paganini with all of our upsampling, DAC, clocking and CD/SACD player technology in a single, easy to set up unit which delivers unbeatable performance.

Built to the highest specifications, Puccini features a sleek solid aluminium fascia, high grade aluminium casing, all metal buttons and a smooth transport mechanism. CD or SACD, Puccini will extract every last bit of detail from your discs, bringing a reality to your music that you never heard before.

In common with our Scarlatti and Paganini ranges, Puccini uses our proprietary DSD signal processing and patented dCS Ring DAC, which oversamples all incoming data to 5 bits at 2.822 or 3.07 MS/s. Puccini uses an enhanced version of our dCS Ring DAC, improved through increased processing power, faster FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), improved power supplies and a quieter electrical environment.

When playing a CD, Puccini can also upsample conventional PCM encoded CDs to DSD sample rates and offers the choice between PCM or DSD playback.

Puccini U-Clock

The Puccini range now features a patent pending (GB0817141.5) Puccini U-Clock which is separate grade 1 system clock to further reduce jitter and improve performance. Puccini U-Clock also features a USB to SPDIF converter, which enables Puccini owners to present sound files from a PC or Mac to the legendary dCS Ring DAC inside the Puccini.