Diapason Italia Micra III N.W

Diapason Micra III 2


The Micra III is a compact-size loudspeaker with cabinet shape designed to get best driver sound emission. The compact size of Micra III should not deceive you, they can reproduce live musical experience with great realism and transparency , recreating the full spectrum of information recorded during musical event.
Easy to place in any home environment the book-shelves Micra III and its floor-standing version, Ares, will surprise you for the “big” sound they are able to return and for their versatility when matched to your audio system.
Innovative technology on drivers&crossover is peculiar to Diapason speakers design.
Diapason Direct Drive technology is used for direct connection from the amplifier to the bass driver without the use of a low-pass filter in the crossover, giving grater transient speed in low frequency range. Drive units are made by the best manufacturers to strict Diapason specifications. Only materials which have been thoroughly tested are used, to ensure the best acoustic performance and to allow ease of driving by any kind of amplifier.
The high-pass crossover circuit is hard wired with Van den hul CS cable in oxygen-free silver coated copper, eliminating deleterious sonic effect of printed-circuit boards.
The 75 cm. 1/M stand can be matched with Micra III for floor placement. Can be sand- filled to correct resonance-damping and is provided with spikes and cups for placement on hard surfaces or on carpets and rugs.

Available exclusively and ready for auditioning at MKoM, Toronto.

Some comments from 6moons on the 2015 Montreal show, when the Diapason Micra III were playing: