Audio Desk Systeme Ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner PRO

AudioDesk ProAudio Desk Systeme Announces New Ultrasonic LP Cleaning System:
Vinyl Cleaner PRO

With its worldwide debut at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) in January 2016, Audio Desk Systeme of Germany and My Kind of Music, Toronto are pleased to announce the next generation, upgraded version of the award-winning ultrasonic LP cleaning system, the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO.

“Incorporating five years of evolutionary enhancements in addition to important upgrades to internal component parts, the Vinyl Cleaner PRO offers better features and performance, and also promises better reliability” said Robert Stein, President of Ultra Systems.

Features of the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO include better, quieter drying, a new premium motor, an upgraded pump with ceramic bearings, and improvements to the electronic control system including a dry-only option.

The Vinyl Cleaner PRO will also be offered in custom finish combinations of white, black and red, in addition to the standard gray finish.

Available at MKoM, Toronto