Accuphase Laboratory AC-6 Phono Cartridge

The AC-6 is a new addition to the highly acclaimed Accuphase lineup of phono cartridges. This MC
cartridge features latest technology in terms of materials and construction. The semi line contact stylus
extracts minute vibrations that are transmitted instantaneously to the magnetic circuit by the boron
cantilever with high propagation speed. The magnetic circuit is mounted on a strong titanium base,
ensuring accurate conversion into a music signal. Every single aspect of the cartridge has been finely
honed to deliver optimum performance, ushering the listener into the wonderful world of analog records.

  • Base section made of stiff extruded titanium further hardened by gold ion plating
  • Cartridge body made of extruded aluminum with gold-colored alumite coating
  • Solid boron cantilever with high propagation speed faithfully transmits the stylus
  • Semi line contact stylus shape accurately traces even minute groove
  • Magnetic circuit with strong grade N50 permanent neodymium magnet

Available for your listening pleasure at MKoM, Toronto.