Luxman M900u Stereo Amplifier

Luxman M900u AngleMKoM, Toronto is very pleased to announce the arrival of the Luxman M900u Stereo Amplifier.

This bold design incorporates 12 watts (8Ω) pure Class A and 150 watts x 2 (8Ω) or 600 x 1 watts (8Ω) when used as a mono-block.

The new ODNF 4.0 (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) reduces high frequency distortion and delivers a smooth midrange, utterly grain free. ODNF 4.0 ahs acq. As a stereo amplifier, the M-900u is stable into a 1Ω load, where it delivers 1,200 watts, peak power. Due to ship towards the end of April, pricing is yet to be determined.

The Luxman M-900u offers a powerful power supply with large capacity 20,000 μF × 4 block capacitors, OFC bus bar and direct hard wiring. The EI type transformer itself implements flat square-shaped copper windings minimizing line capacity, enhancing binding force and providing excellent magnetic stability. Outputting an impressive 1,250 VA (instantaneous 2,500 VA), the M-900u has the power required to drive any speaker to peak performance.

The M-900u also utilizes 4 large capacity output relays offering an incredible damping factor of 710. To eliminate stray magnetic fields and associated impedance rises, Luxman developed a loop-less chassis eliminating the possibility of ground loops within the M-900u chassis. Cast iron legs act as a resonance sink and quickly drain vibrations found within the unit.

Luxman does not settle on ordinary components within its products. Rather, they design and build a large number of components found within the M-900u. Wiring, capacitors and even terminals are hand selected to meet the demanding standards at Luxman. Even the power cable was carefully designed. The JPA-15000 power cable utilizes the highest quality oxygen-free copper and takes the last step in ensuring the purity of the sound.

Gold-Plated, Peel Coat Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards normally have a green coat (dye) that can be printed upon, so the manufacturer knows where to place the copper traces and where to insert the resistors & capacitors. Luxman’s designers don’t like the sound of the green dye—in their extensive research they found that it smears the sound, so instead they print onto a plastic peel coat and remove it once the traces and mounting holes are in place. Then the copper traces are gold-plated to reduce resistance across the circuit, as well as to eliminate copper’s corrosion over time.

Luxman never ceases in its quest for audio perfection. The M-900u represents a major step forward in this journey.

Available for audition exclusively at MKoM, Toronto.