Tonearm & Cartridge Alignment

Thorens Axia 003CompMKOM is unique in providing this service in the Greater Toronto area. As a dealer committed to the best possible analog performance at almost any budget level, we have the tools and the knowledge to apply them for your benefit and long term listening enjoyment.
Whether you purchase a phono cartridge, tonearm, turntable, or some combination of the above and perhaps other components, MKOM provides its exclusive setup and alignment service free of charge as part of providing real value for your investment. For turntable systems not purchased from us, we offer the same service at the reasonable cost of $125.00 within the GTA. Additional charge of $25.00 may be applicable for areas outside of the GTA. The $125.00 fee may be applied toward future analog purchases including turntables, tonearms, and cartridges, and such purchases include the setup and alignment service. Thus it’s a win-win every customer should take advantage of.

What the service includes
Setting overhang and offset angle
Setting tracking force
Adjustment of anti-skating
Measurement of phase error and crosstalk for different azimuth settings
Wow and flutter speed accuracy
Frequency response
Tonearm/cartridge resonances
Harmonic distortion
Tonearm resonances

What differences should you expect
Better imaging
Deeper, wider soundstage
Lower noise and distortion
Clearer high frequencies
More tuneful, better defined bass
Richer tone and harmonics
Reduced record wear
Longer stylus life