Origin Live

OL Sovereign TT

Origin Live aims to enrich your musical enjoyment through offering the highest grade products to a standard that outperforms your expectations. The new generation of turntables from Origin Live are the result of continuous development that have pushed back the boundaries on sound quality by significant leaps and bounds.

We believe, as do many experts that vinyl records still represent the ultimate format for sound quality and will continue to do so for many years in spite of all the new “super” formats. The ultimate format deserves the ultimate player and this is what we have dedicated ourselves to achieve at very modest sums. Not only is vinyl the best format available but you may have a decent collection of priceless records that you wish to appreciate to their full. These are a few of the reasons for the enormous investment that has been made in producing these decks. We trust that you will be surprised in the best possible way once you hear them.

Available through My Kind of Music; for more information visit the manufacturer’s site: http://www.originlive.com