Nottingham Analogue Space 294

newSupremely Musical World Famous Turntables

Nottingham Analogue is a well respected British manufacturer of high quality, specialty audio products. For over 35 years Nottingham engineers have been producing innovative designs which excel at allowing the music to come through in its purest form.

Their turntables are known for precision and purity, ultra quiet noise floor, supreme musicality, quality build and remarkable value.

“All our products sound the same, the only difference is there is less and less fatigue and you get a little bit closer to the illusion of real live music the higher you go up our product ladder.” – Tom Fletcher, engineer/owner, Nottingham Analogue Studios.

Space 294

This highly innovative design has all the above mentioned improvements but the ‘294’ also has a 14″ platter giving much more rotational stability due to the additional inertia. The turntable is specifically for 12″ (294mm) tonearms only and cannot be fitted with a second tonearm.

Twelve inch tonearms are nothing new for Nottingham Analogue, the longer arm results in a smaller tracking error, and Nottingham has cleverly eliminated the pitfalls of common 12″ tonearms.

The new Space 294 will get you closer to the illusion of real music than you ever thought possible at a price that will send you record shopping with a smile on your face.