Fozgometer V2 Azimuth Range Meter

The Fozgometer V2 is here!

The new model features a more sensitive meter for precise measurements, an easier-to-read display, and the option to use an outboard power supply, as well as a 9v battery. The new Fozgometer V2 retails for $400 USD.

Phono cartridge azimuth is a key parameter for getting the best stereo imaging and sound staging. For optimal stereo performance from a modern phonograph system, the pickup cartridge azimuth must be properly adjusted. Prior to the Fozgometer, one had to use an oscilloscope, AC voltmeter, or computer program, methods can be expensive and time-consuming.

The FOZGOMETER V2 is a small portable battery-powered or wall-powered meter that is used in conjunction with a test record to measure channel separation, channel balance, and signal direction quickly and accurately. It incorporates a “Log Ratio Detector”, developed by Jim “Foz” Fosgate for surround processor steering logic circuits, to measure cartridge azimuth. The readings can be made with a wide range of input signals; directly from the tonearm cables, from the output of a phono stage, or from a tape output, without affecting accuracy. Readings are taken without touching the meter, leaving your hands free to adjust the tonearm. The meter reads channel separation in both directions, and channel balance. The LEDs indicate Left, Center, and Right signal (test tone) positions.

For best results, we recommend The Ultimate Analogue Test LP by Analogue Productions:

The Ultimate Analogue Test LP features a comprehensive selection of test tracks and is recommended for use with our Fozgometer. It was produced by Clark Williams of Acoustic Sounds and cut at Sterling Sound on a Neumann VMS-80 cutting lathe with a newly rebuilt SX-74 cutter-head.

Available at My Kind of Music, Toronto.