Now Playing – Studio One Reference

1/ Nottingham Dias Turntable (Two Tone arms, a/ DaVinci Grand Master Virtu – Transfiguration Proteus MC Phono Cartridge, b/ Moerch DP6 – ZXY Omega S MC Phono Cartridge)
2/ Origin Live Resolution Turntable & Origin Live Illustrious TA c/w Ortofon PW MC Phono Cartridge
3/ Saidi Audio SD30 Reference Turntable c/w Micro Seiki Power Drive – Tow Tone arms (Audio Mods Micro MKIV Tone arm c/w Spectral Reference Phono Cartridge & Origin Live Encounter 12″)    Synthesis Roma 79DC Phono Stage, EAR-Yoshino 912 Reference Linestage c/w internal Phono Stages, Luxman C900u Reference Pre-Amplifier
Einstein The Turntable’s Choice Balanced Phono Stage
Luxman M900u Stereo Amplifier
Gamut M230 Limited Edition Mono Block Amplifiers, Graaf GM50B Integrated Amplifier & Diapason Karis N.W. Loudspeakers
Audio Aero LaFontaine Music Player & Prestige CD/SACD Player
McIntosh MR78 Tuner
Wilson Benesch A.C.T. One Evolution & Bishop Loudspeakers
Revox PR99, Technics R1520 “Black Beauty” Reel to Reel Tape Decks
Audiomica Europa Ultra Reference Interconnect Cables
Audiomica Genimedes Ultra Reference Speaker Cables
Foundation Research LC10, LC100 Line Filtration & NL1 Noise Loads
Box Furniture Custom Audio Component Stand