Black Ravioli

logo-2The Black Ravioli system can help you to redefine the performance of your system to levels you would not have though possible and do it in a structured, cost effective way. The products function and simple form allows it to be used across a wide range of equipment and system applications.

The following goals were set for the product and are inherent in all of its iterations ;

The product must be capable of providing energy conversion that is effective across the discernable audio and visual spectrums and so far as reasonably practicable, their extremes.

The product must be capable of dissipating at the equipment interface the vibration energy that is inherent within the system components and the surrounding environment.

In performing it’s function the product must not add or take away anything from the event as prescribed by the design and operation of the system componants.

The product must be functional and able to be applied to the majority of audio and visual componants.
The pads and spacers together are a credible and good value vibration control solution that can be tailored and upgraded to meet individual requirements. Its function before form in this combination.

The risers provide further improvements in performance and present the pads in a much more acceptable and polished form. In all of its iterations Black Ravioli performs best when applied as a complete system solution but it can be extremely effective when applied to individual pieces of equipment.

Overall the range allows a variety of cost v performance options for the user.