Pre-Owned & Demo Instruments

UPDATED March, 2021

Analogue Foundation Research V5L and V5, Phono Stages, The Reference Standard. Call for Pricing.

Analogue Thorens TD2030 Turntable c/w TP300 Tone arm (New in Box) – ***SOLD***
Technics SL-1210 MK5 Turntable c/w new Rega RB330 Tone arm & Dust Cover – $1895 CAD
Saidi Audio SD30 Turntable c/w Dual Tone Arm Boards – $6495
Bluenote Piccolo Turntable c/w The Wand Plus Tone Arm – $2295
Clearaudio Champion Turntable c/w Graham Robin Tone arm – $1895

PreAmplifiers Foundation Research V6, All Valve Line Stage – Call for Pricing
PreAmplifiers Gamut C2-R Pre Amplifier c/w Phono Board and RC3200 remote – $2895 CAD.

PreAmplifiers Audible Illusions Refurbished Program – Call for Pricing & Availability.

1/ Modulus 3, Black Face Plate c/w Standard Phono Boards – MM or HOMC – $1995 CAD.
2/ Modulus 3B, Silver Face Plate c/w Gold Phono Boards – LOMC – $5695 CAD
3/ Modulus L3A, Black Face Plate, Line Stage c/w remote – ***SOLD***

Amplifiers Croft Twin Star One Power Amplifier, Mint – $2495 (In-store demo)
Graaf GM5050B Fully Balanced Integrated Amplifier c/w Remote – $4695
EAR-Yoshino 899 Valve Integrated Amplifier (Demo unit very low hours) – $9895
Vela Audio Integrated Amplifier c/w MM Phono & Remote Control – $789

Instrument AVI S2000M Preamplifier c/w phono stage & Full Function Remote – $2195
Instrument AVI S2000MM Mono Block Power Amplifiers (150 wpc) – $2495
Instrument AVI Series 21 MC4 Reference CD Player – $1695
Instrument AVI Complete System c/w Custom Quadraspire Audio Stand – $4995

Loudspeakers Quad Classic ESL 63, Brown Grill Cloth and Accuracy beyond compare. Mint Condition, ***SOLD***
Loudspeakers Quad Classic ESL 57 & 63, NEW Models, Optional Finishes – ESL 57 – $7995, ESL63 – $8995
Kudos Audio Cardera Super 10 Loudspeakers, Premium Santos Rosewood c/w Kudos S50 Stands – $4495
Indiana Line Diva 655 Loudspeakers, Rosewood Sides with Piano Gloss finish – $1695

Loudspeakers Wilson Benesch Vector Loudspeakers, Regal Finish, NIB – Call for pricing

Loudspeakers Lowther – Tercel Model 2 Horn, Light Maple Finish, PM6C Drivers – $4995

Loudspeakers Wilson Benesch ARC Loudspeakers, Satin Cherry Finish, Demo units – $4295

Digital Audio Aero Prima CD Player, New Units Silver & Black Faceplate ***Special Pricing*** – $2495 each.
Digital Audio Aero Prestige SACD/CD Player/Pre, New unit ***Special Pricing*** – $4995
Digital Audio Aero Capitole Classic CD Player, Demo Unit, Silver Faceplate – $6895
Digital GamuT CD 3 Reference CD Player, Pristine Condition ***SOLD***
April Music Stello DA100 Signature DAC & CDT100 Transport – $2295
Vela Audio CD Player c/w Remote – $789

Cables GutWire Stingray Extension Outlet. Hubbell 4-plex 15A Hospital grade outlet – $299
Cables MIT Z-Centre, $1995
Cables Atlas Ichor Speaker Cable, 2M length, WBT spade connectors on Amp end & Furutech Banana at spk end, Mint – $629
Cables Cardas Golden Cross Spk Cable, 2.0M, Bi-Wire, Spades (factory), Mint – $1495.
Cables Foundation Research LC1 & LC2, Line Conditioners, Original design with latest updates. Call for pricing

Structures Design Progression, 5 Shelves – $1295

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