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My Kind of Music offers the finest audio experience from the best manufacturers available. Particular attention is paid to the synergy of selected components in the context of a complimentary system. In addition to this we have a lot of components you wouldn’t expect that make all the difference. Make an appointment and  learn why My Kind of Music represents a completely different approach to high end audio.

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Our Ultimate Systems

When everything is just right you know it instantly. The system conveys the feeling and emotion you normally experience only at a live performance. You want to listen more, maybe you feel like singing along, maybe you feel like getting up and dancing, or maybe you just like to close your eyes and be transported to another time or place. Either way – it’s real music, it’s a thrill, and you’re hooked!

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Featured Products

We believe in the evolution of technology tempered with respect for tradition. Certain products come along from time to time that are so amazing, unique or they become some of our most popular “go-to” items. They are all here on our Featured Products page. Please do visit often as new exciting products are continually coming in to the shop.

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